My Big Mistake

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I have been devouring your website and blog.

I thought I was doing myself a favor by eliminating fluoride from our water and toothpastes. I have been brushing with baking soda and hydrgen peroxide. To my horror, I noticed a hole at the gumline of a tooth with slightly sensitive and realize that my gums are indeed receeding. I see from your site your concerns about this combination of products causing precisely that.

I want to try your protocol right away and yes, I will even break down and use the ACT fluoride rinse. =) I have 3 questions.

1. I’d like to substitute a “toothpaste” powder made from xylitol crystals and sea salt. Would this be okay instead of using crest….i just want to avoid the SLS and the closys toothpaste is expensive.

2. I am reading about your timelines…6 months to notice improvement. My concern is this. What if my receeding gums improve and move “over” the hole/cavity at the gum line. What if this cavity does not heal, could it then be below the gum line and cause worse problems? Do I have any hope of remedying both the “cavity” and the gum recession with the protocol?

3. Do you have any experience with white oak bark and receeding gums?

Any ideas/opinoins would be so appreciated. I know your time is extremely valuable.

Thanks for your work. 


Hi CK,

I am leaving in the morning for a very busy conference weekend.

I wanted to reply. I get many messages like yours.

I advise the use of the products that I recommend – in the order that I recommend – and then you will notice improvements that I describe.

Use your own concoctions and you will get different outcomes.

I want to make a video for the “health- seeking” community and tell you that making up your own potions – can put you on the wrong path – and be aware that oral health = general health.

BIOFILM is the key – just like intestinal biofilm is the key to disease immunity.

When you start mixing your own toothpastes or making your own Closys – I cannot any longer help you.

You are creating your own chemistry lab.

I take NO responsibility for the outcome.

I doubt you will be successful – because finding this system was not easy – it took decades of observation and patient questioning- for years and years and years.

I am sorry that people in the “health” world have scared you with their partial knowledge and closed minds.

They have already caused people to take out “silver” fillings and replace them with BPA fillings – which I believe may be worse.

Hang onto your hats – breathe – trust in nature.

I can assure you that all the close friends and family that have used my system have experienced years and years of exceptional oral and general health.

Don’t be scared by the scaremongers.

I have addressed the concerns of SLS on my blog already.

I understand sensitivities to this – but if you find the correct Crest Cavity Protection paste – the chemistry of this paste attaches the SLS in such a way (to the silica) that it does not become a concern.

I have now placed the ENTIRE chapter on fluoride out of my book on my website

Please consider using what I recommend – not some mushed together mixture of your own.


I am sad when people tell me that “my system does not work “- but I ALWAYS discover they have changed something.

I have given you all my knowledge – everything you need to know – everything is in your local stores – these are not even my products.

What else can I do?

I am not annoyed – just frantic because I have so many messages from people who are suffering oral problems but they want to invent their own system and tell me about it.

Sorry – but I cannot help them or you if you decide to make your own system.

My advice is simply – use the system I recommend – use it the way I advise – BUT if you don’t like it – you are on your own.

All I wish is your health.


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