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Dear Dr. Ellie,

One of the reasons I had been convinced by the dentist that I needed new crowns was because of the yellow appearance on the biting surface of natural teeth opposite crowns, where there had been “pathological grinding,” I am sure that you know what they are referring to. The dentist says this is not harmful. Does the yellow appearance mean that there is little to no enamel there?

I am so happy to have found and read your website. I am mostly happy for my daughter! I am determined that she will not have my troubles, and your system is an answer to prayer. Your program provides a tried and true, practical way for me to help her keep her beautiful healthy teeth.

As for those yellow patches of mine, do you think it is possible that they can be reversed by using your system? I will inform my dentist about your website and book.

If I understand your system correctly, you are killing off the mutans by making the mouth an inhospitable place for them. If a person stops using your system, he could be re-infected. I’m guessing that even if you stopped, after ridding yourself of the mutans, you would be mutans free for some period of time.

Thanks for enduring my over-long email, but even more thanks for what you have done for people everywhere. I wish you all the best in continued success.



Hi EP,

If your question is can dental disease be stopped – basically YES.

Does it return? – well, that depends on balancing the mouth into a state that sustains ultimate oral health.
To do that you have to evaluate your “risk factors” for dental disease.

You are correct – for me (an older female with stress in my life) I NEED some extra help! A young healthy male – may have all the healthy factors he needs to avoid dental problems.

Everything comes into this equation – hormones, age, diet, body chemistry, stress factors, mouth breathing, general health etc.

BUT: Mouth acidity is the cause of all dental problems.

Mouth acidity either stimulates growth of acid-loving germs or ( in the case of your erosion) it softens up the tooth surface. Sometimes germs enter the soft tooth surface, sometimes the soft tooth surfaces erodes away as you bite together.

It sounds as if your teeth have been exposed to strong acidity – (? acid reflux or lemon/vinegar drinks) or something that has added to salivary acidity – acidic sweets or candies. Citrus acids and stomach acids are usually the strongest acids that teeth have to deal with.

The acidity can wreck even more havoc on teeth if they are unprotected – in other words, if you lack a natural protective layer on your teeth or if you are not using the correct oral care products to protect them.

People with erosion problems lack a natural healthy “biofilm” or “pellicle”.

This natural “cover” for teeth is a healthy layer – formed by nature – and it should cover your teeth to protect them.

This layer forms naturally in a healthy mouth – made up of saliva proteins and healthy bacteria.

This layer should protect your teeth from chemical, thermal and mechanical damage (like grinding your teeth.).

Dry mouth can damage this natural layer, as can baking soda, harsh abrasives ( in many toothpastes and during dental cleanings) medicines like antibiotics, and also peroxide.

Dental treatments may be good, but understanding how to stop your problems is the most important thing you can do.

Best Wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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  • Brian M says:

    I have to agree with EP, I am SO glad I stumbled across your blog. I've never been one to visit the dentist much (I'm a guy, I don't think I had one single cleaning between the ages of 18 and 27). My wife doesn't let me get away with this anymore though, but my Trust of dentists took a SERIOUS hit when I visited at the age of 27. They told me they Had to work on cavities, did so and caused me pain that lasted 6+ months. Anyway, I'm 36 now (and have had 2 cleanings in those 9 years), and my wife convinced me to get a cleaning again. So This dentist, over the course of 2.5 hours, ran up a To-Do list worth a touch over $11,000 and never bothered to actually clean my teeth. Mind you, I have Zero sensitivity, zero pain, heck I have zero discomfort. No bleeding when brushing, slight bleeding when flossing but only when I'd skip for a week. Basically, I wouldn't have thought anything major was wrong, much less enough to warrant a 5-figure bill!! That leads me back to saying thanks again. I've spent roughly 5 hours today reading through your various blog entries, then running out to buy some Closys (already use Act and Listerine). That'll leave just the xylitol to order/incorporate. I'm hoping that this will stave off some of those procedures the Dentist wanted to perform (perio cleaning, the worst I had were 4s and 5s on my rear molars, 2 root canals with the associated crowns, other cavity work with associated fillings, pulling wisdom teeth that don't bother me, etc…) and by all accounts, it looks like it should take care of several. I also put in a hold request for your book through the library (sorry, unemployed since May 2009, I save money where I can) and look forward to reading that. It's funny that "conventional" wisdom in (western) medicine isn't always whats Best for an individual. My mom taught nursing for her career and won't go to a Dr for more than standard physicals, and my wife is a Pharmacist who opts for homeopathic options as often as possible. Now a dentist who enables people with simple things they can do for themselves and fixes things Most Dentists try to fix through mechanical means.Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge. All the best!Brian

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Send me your address and I will give you a book to read!You can give it to the library after you have finished it!ellie@zellies.com

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