Healing Time for Cavities

Hi again, Dr Ellie.

It’s been 6 months since my cavities were discovered. I’ve tried to stay consistent with your program but haven’t been perfect. I know, it’s so easy–yet I manage to do stupid things like forgetting to bring my Zellies to work with me and falling asleep without brushing 🙁

I just had another cleaning this week (which didn’t take long at all, whereas cleanings used to take FOREVER due to the extensive plaque buildup on my teeth). The hygienist of course took the opportunity to nag me about getting those cavities filled. She did say ‘hopefully they haven’t gotten any worse’. She knows where the cavities are located…so is it a good sign that she couldn’t see any obvious decay during the cleaning? Or could there be a lot of decay lurking under the surface even though the teeth *look* OK?

If a cavity reads in the low 20’s on the Diagnodent, how much would you say it could progress in 6 months based on your experience?

I *promise* to do the system consistently from now on…I’m just worried now that it’s too late and the cavities may have progressed beyond repair. I have experienced very occasional, very mild discomfort in these teeth, but no throbbing or severe pain. I even wonder if it might just be in my head; this has happened to me with other teeth that proved to have nothing wrong with them.

PPS – Thanks for saving me from the pain, suffering, bloodshed, and chiding from the hygienist that cleanings used to entail! I can’t believe how quick and relatively painless it is since I discovered your system. You are truly a godsend. Thank you!! 

 – J

Hi Jamie,

You must protect your damaged teeth – because if you take enough xylitol each day – you will be safe and protected -If you forget – you are at risk!

Yeikes – please be careful!

On the other hand, Diagnodent readings measure extremely small “starter” cavities and make them sound terrible!

Here are what the readings mean:
11-20 are very minimal in the outside of the enamel ( totally reversible in my opinion).
21- 30 are still minimal in the enamel only – and again ( in my opinion) should be allowed to naturally reverse if the patient is interested in avoiding a filling.
Only a reading 30 + is decay under the enamel – and then, with good care, you can probably reverse it (if you work hard).

So – I don’t think you have to worry here!

What if you put a bag of xylitol packets in your purse – you can add some granules to water and sip that at work?

We have free shipping now – and the xylitol packs of 100 packets are not really expensive in the scheme of things!

Hope this helps – keep on the system!!!

Maybe we need to create a magnetic calendar for your refrigerator – to mark off the days you have enough xylitol!

I see this as a “smile” calendar with reminders !! Know anyone who could create this? Ha! Take care – and thanks so much for your message – I think you are doing great!


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  • sam says:

    I’m wondering if cavities caused by crowded teeeth are able to be healed? Also how do I ask my dentist for a full report on my cavities, they never have given me much detail about them, just that I had them.

    • Cavities are not CAUSED by crowded teeth – they are caused by a bacteria that produces acids capable of pulling minerals out of teeth, which allows the germs to gain access into the tooth – deeper and deeper. For a long time people have believed the only way to get rid of these harmful germs is to brush and floss. The problem is that brushing and flossing is difficult/impossible to do well enough ( usually experts at brushing and flossing only remove 40% of cavity-forming bacteria). When teeth are crowded it becomes even more difficult.
      Zellies Complete Mouth Care System will gradually eliminates these plaque germs. Use Zellies to protect your teeth and all the correct rinses in the system to put minerals back into teeth and repair early cavities. It usually takes 6 – 12 months to put minerals back – and you could ask your dentist to re-take an X ray and check if your teeth are repairing themselves. You ned to follow directions exactly. We have a booklet describing this protocol – read it here LINK

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