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Hello Ellie,

Just finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much. All the positive reviews on Amazon were correct.

Being quite consciences about my diet and the ph of my blood it made a lot of sense about the ph in ones mouth. As you know the same is true with your blood.

Can one still floss on your program and if so at what stage of the program? I have one tooth that always catches food, it is where a filling is and it needs the food removed with floss. I have flossed for about 20years so it would be a bit strange not doing it.

Most of the ingredients in your program can be brought here in Australia. The only one that can not be brought is ACT Anticavity rinse. We only have a few mouth washes here and they contain alcohol in them and you say in your book to avoid them. There is one that can be brought here, Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth (the ingredients are below), can this one be used? If not do you have any other suggestions?

Look forwards to your reply,


Natural Dentist Healthy Teeth Anti-Cavity Fluoride Rinse Fresh Mint 500ml

Formulated to
Fight Cavities
Strengthen Tooth Enamel
Freshen Breath

No Alcohol or Artificial Ingredients

ADA Accepted (American Dental Association)

The Natural Dentist® was created by a dentist to provide effective oral care for his patients’ teeth and gums. Because our products are formulated with a scientific blend of natural ingredients, you don’t have to choose between natural and effective.

Cruelty-Free Product

Active Ingredients:

Sodium Fluoride (0.05%) (0.02% w/v Fluoride Ion) (Anticavity)

Inactive Ingredients:

Water Purified, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel, Sodium Phosphate Monobasic, Xylitol, Natural Flavors, Olivamidopropyl Betaine (sourced from olives), Citric Acid, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Menthol

Hi D,

I will answer your questions in reverse order (Well, you are in Australia on the upside-down side of the world after all! Ha!)

You will have to experiment and find which rinses makes your teeth FEEL the best.

I think Natural dentist will be an OK substitute for ACT.

One day if you have a friend traveling to Switzerland, Greece or the US – ask if they can bring you some ACT – and just feel the difference!

We all have challenges and have to find a compromise.

Until you have ACT in Australia – you will do the best you can to find products that work.

I think you have made a good choice for now.

I am not against flossing – I just think people generally have the impression that you achieve oralhealth by flossing – which is not true.

We must eradicate the bacteria of dental disease for oral health.

Floss moves bacteria around – but cannot clean saliva of this infection- obviously.

By using my system of xylitol and the rinses I recommend – you will remove bacteria from your entire mouth ( not just between teeth).

Here is the link to the timeline:

Its fine to floss to remove food particles – no problem.

But try to be gentle to your gums – that is my warning.

I suggest you floss BEFORE you start the mouth rinse system – so that it is not an interruption to the “flow” of the system where you need to use one rinse directly before the next etc.

The only time I am anxious and would suggest NOT flossing would be for women with “sensitive teeth” – who do not have decay – but “all” their teeth hurt.

Also for those with bad oral health, heavy plaque deposits and have risk factors for heart disease or stroke.

I believe that flossing may push bacteria into their blood stream and may make their situation acute.

Best wishes,

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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