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Dear Dr. Ellie:

I use all the products recommended on the website …. is the new Zero Listerine without alcohol ok to use in place of regular Listerine?

– C

Hi C,

I know my system using either Original or Cool Mint Listerine WORKS – every time.

( To whiten teeth the Original seems to work a little better than the Cool Mint).

I cannot tell you about new products that appear in the marketplace.

To determine if they are better I would need to do a randomized clinical trial – very expensive – and beyond my means!

Therefore I can only tell you what I have seen work – over and over and over and over again – for everyone who uses my system properly.

I know that even slight changes – when people mix and match toothpaste, or buy a generic fluoride – the results are not the same.

I can tell you – I am not changing my routine!!

I will continue to use a system that has sustained my oral health, keeping my gums and teeth in perfect condition for over 30 years with only one or two professional cleanings and no fillings or other dental work necessary!!

Dr. Ellie

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