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Quick follow up question: In your suggested system, would you specifically recommend to avoid using electric toothbrushes, such as Oral B and Sonicare? I own one of each and each has been a step in my search to improve my dental and gum health.



Hi BH,

Personally I feel the important focus for achieving Ultimate Oral Health is to ELIMINATE harmful plaque from the MOUTH (and that includes harmful bacteria on the teeth, tongue, mucous membranes and even the ones in saliva).

I believe this kind of elimination of disease bacteria is best achieved with the daily use of xylitol, correct toothpaste and rinse protocols and a good mineral-rich diet that should include probiotics.

Toothbrushing can help stimulate gum circulation – and probably this contributes to reducing gum inflammation.

A a good brush is important – but I feel most people can easily achieve brushing with a manual brush (unless they have disabilities).

I think “electric/rotary” brushes work – but they are a good profit item and are often sold to patients as a cure – which they are not.

Rotary/electric brushes may be shown (in convincing studies) to remove plaque better than a manual.

BUT remember – xylitol removes plaque bacteria completely over time – from teeth, the mouth and SALIVA ( and no brush can do that!)

Here is more detail with a graph of the disappearing bacteria:  

Here is another time line of the progress of my system: 

More important that anything for a brush, I believe, is keeping it clean and germ free.

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