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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I am very excited about starting your program. My question is about a cracked tooth that is VERY sensitive to cold. It is in a tooth with a large filling done years ago. The dentist told me I need a crown and I want to know if your system can help the tooth with the incomplete crack or if a crown or root canal are the only options at this point. The dentist said I could wait but it is a gamble because the tooth may break apart and if it cracks to the root the only option then is a root canal. I am a cancer patient taking high doses of Zometa and I want to avoid any invasive dental procedures due to the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Is it possible to “heal” the crack? If your system would help, how long before I could expect to see results? The tooth hurts pretty much all the time (just a dull pressure) but it is horrible if anything cold hits it. It doesn’t wake me up at night but has gotten worse in the past few days. I also have sensitivity on my lower wisdom teeth due to root exposure. Will your system help that problem too? Thanks so much for your time. I started the program last night and was excited to hear my dentist talk about some of the same things today. I told him about your program. He felt that because my mouth was in excellent shape (no tartar, gums were healthy etc.) that I only needed the Act rinse, but I am committed to the whole program. I just want to know if it will help the current problem.




Thanks for your question.

I like to be an optimist but it sounds as if this specific tooth has problems that may go beyond the realm of my system.

My system is an amazing way to PREVENT dental issues.

If you start soon enough teeth will not break, fillings will not leak, and dental work will not deteriorate.

Unfortunately most people are looking for help at a point a little beyond the preventive point!

I think you are on the boarder line – and may have reached this point – where the damage is too great.

Splintering cracks can cut the nerve – and the nerve is not going to be repaired with this natural process.

On the other hand, your dentist is giving you optimistic feedback – and he is the one doing the diagnosis.

I think that is encouraging. I am glad he is a supporter of ACT.

If you use the system completely (with xylitol and everything) – you will be able to go back in six months and AMAZE him with your oral health!

I don’t think you have anything to loose – so why not give this a try and see how your mouth feels?

Remember to include enough xylitol into your day – either as Zellies mints or dissolve granular xylitol in water and sip it during the day.

Good nutrition with adequate minerals is also important – for your general health as well as your teeth!

Closys is available in Walgreens – or on our website.

Your dentist may be able to get it for you – once we convince him what a great product it is!

Do not add any flavor to the Closys – use it before you brush.

Make sure you have the correct Crest toothpaste.

All these small details are important.

There are a lot of booklets – some you can print up to read – and many with pictures to explain the details – check my website 

They are under the heading of Complete Mouth Care System.

Best Wishes,

Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health

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