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Dear Ellie,

I first heard your name a few years ago, when a friend of mine was looking for solutions for her daughter who had major problems with cavities at the age of 2. She has used your program with success and has spoken very highly of it. I didn’t think of using your program for our family, because we have always had very healthy teeth. At least we did.

I grew up using Crest toothpaste- that is the only kind my mother ever bought, it is what I prefer and what I buy for us. We have used Epic toothpaste on and off instead of, or along with, Crest. My teeth do not feel clean unless I brush with Crest, so I usually mix them, use one after the other, or skip the Epic. I was an adult before I ever had a cavity, but I think I have had 3 filled now, and am pretty sure I have at least 2 that have recently developed. Dentists have always commented on how nice my teeth were, but to me they don’t feel very healthy right now. I think pregnancy has been hard on my teeth. I don’t know if I am less contientous / effective in caring for my teeth, or if there is a chemical or scientific explanation for it. All I know is that my teeth do not look or feel nearly as healthy as they used to.

I have 4 children, ages 8, 4.5, almost 3, and 1. Also, I am newly pregnant with our 5th child. A few months ago I noticed brown spots on our 8-year-olds teeth, and when I took her to the dentist to have it checked out he said they were stains, and polished them off. Our children use only Spry gel to brush their teeth, and I have believed this would provide them extra help and protection. However, the brown spots are back and worse than ever on her teeth- and on Thursday when I took our 4 year old to the dentist, he noticed spots on the back of her bottom teeth, too! We are very careful to have a turn each time they brush and we try to be very thorough, so this baffles me. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for us? I have tried to have them use our Epic thinking maybe that would do a better job, but they are very sensitive to the minty flavor and it burns their mouths/throats, so it is an awful experience… I am now concerned for my other two, and after looking at your blog I am beginning to feel we probably need an oral health overhaul!

I feel we eat a pretty healthy diet. Candy and sugary junk are kept to a minimum, and I am careful to avoid artificial food coloring and high fructose corn syrup. We eat whole wheat &/or whole grain bread & pasta, brown rice, and I try to cook healthfully and with a low-sodium, lower fat mentality. We all (except my stubborn husband) take a daily vitamin, and water is our go-to beverage. I have been a big water drinker for over 15 years, my husband has also become a water guy, so our kids are too… It’s just what we drink and we all prefer it. I try to have the kids drink milk a couple times a day, and they get juice (split 50/50 with water) maybe two times a week and never in a sippy cup or bottle. Chocolate milk is a treat and we make it for dinner maybe once a week. I have been a 2 sometimes 3 cup a day coffee drinker, but quit drinking it a week ago because I just can’t drink it when I have morning sickness.

I don’t know if all this information is helpful or neccessary, but I feel if I do not act now things will only get worse for us. I will start having my kids drink Z-water tomorrow, and hope there is more we can do to help these problems. I am uncomfortable with the idea of just polishing away what appears to be a sign of poor oral health in my kids. And for me, filling cavities is not going to be an option in the near future. I would prefer not to just ignore them and would like to prevent future development of more…

Thank you for the work you do, and I look forward to hearing back from you any ideas and advice you may have.



Hi EB,

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to reply to your message.

I think you are working hard to look after your teeth, but perhaps you are too focused trying to avoid what you think could CAUSE dental problems.

I advise you to think instead about PROMOTING oral health – promoting a healthy oral environment with probiotics and xylitol.

It sounds as if the amount of xylitol in your previous regimen was in the form of toothpaste.

I personally do not recommend xylitol toothpastes – most are very abrasive and xylitol rinses are usually too acidic to be helpful.

Having sufficient daily xylitol is important.

I prefer you look at xylitol as a way to protect your teeth after ANY eating or drinking.

All carbohydrates – ( no matter if it is healthy and whole-grain or a donut ) can provide harmful mouth bacteria with the energy they need to cause cavities.

This, of course, makes avoiding foods that cause cavities impossible.

I suggest you focus on what foods PRTECT teeth from cavities AFTER you finish eating.

Basically there are a number of good foods for teeth – but xylitol may be classified as the very best.

Finish every meal with a little xylitol – and you will be able to protect your teeth from damage.

Put a little xylitol into water and you will have a drink that can strengthen and protect your teeth.

My suggested mouth rinse system is documented on my website ( below).

This system is like a recipe – and requires specific products – the subject of my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye.

Very simple steps can stop dental problems and reverse a bad situation.

Please let me know if you have other questions – but I think if you visit my website you will find a lot of helpful information.

Best Wishes,

Dr.Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health
Dr Ellie@drellie.com

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