Full Mouth Restoration

Dear Dr. Ellie:

I am in the process of undergoing a full mouth restoration. I will have 16 porcelian crowns (top and bottom). Currently, I am in temporary crowns and braces. I must brush my teeth after every meal and snacks…..up to 5x a day. How can I incorporate your system for my special dental needs?

Moreover, my dentist has told me that i must use a low abrasive toothpaste on my permanent crowns. he said Crest is too harsh and will scratch the glaze. Your thoughts?


Hi RA,

I have no idea why Crest Original Paste would be too abrasive.

Toothpaste is measured on an abrasion scale that is numbered from 1 to 200.

Many tartar control and whitening pastes come in with abrasive levels close to the high end.

Crest Original Paste is 102 on this scale (in the middle) and is regarded as the “gold standard” of toothpaste.

Many Cosmetic dentists recommend my system and we have never had any problems.

Porcelain is much harder than tooth enamel – so I don’t understand the concern for your crowns.

You should ask you dentist to explain and what does he recommend?

I never allow patients to brush more than 3 times a day – because it disrupts the healthy pellicle film that is supposed to form on healthy teeth to protect them.

In place of brushing on the other occasions, you may want to try rinsing with a solution of xylitol in water.

Put one teaspoon of xylitol in water and swish this around your teeth in place of the brushing.

I wonder if you know WHY you need 16 crowns? What caused this damage in the first place? Mouth acidity or dry mouth?

You should read my book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye……..it explains how crowns will NOT SOLVE your dental problems.

What ever caused the damage – will continue to destroy your teeth – unless you start protecting your teeth with xylitol and my suggested system of rinses.

You should use the pre-rinse Closys, before you brush your teeth. I guess that you have a mouth acidity problem – and Closys may be a major part to stopping this damage to your teeth.

This is not a diagnosis – just a hunch! Hope this information helps, I cannot get between you and the advice you have been given by your dentist!

How long have you been a patient of this dentist? I am surprised that suddenly you need 16 crowns.

Best Wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS

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