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Dear Dr. Ellie:

A family member (older teen) just got her tonsils out – I’m wondering whether adding some Xylitol to her drinking/sipping water would be a good idea to help keep her throat in good condition (wet, bacteria free, or any other advantages).

Just got home with her and hoping to help her recovery go as smoothly as possible.




Yes – xylitol- xylitol – this is a health sugar!! My four recommendations for speedy oral healing:

1.) Half a teaspoon in about 6-8 oz of water to sip would be my recommendation – once or twice a day.

This will keep the mouth clean and bacteria free.

2) For oral care, I recommend Closys mouth rinse and Closys toothpaste (available from Walgreens only).

When you are looking for minimal but most effective way to keep the mouth “clean” – xylitol + Closys products are my recommendation ( rinse and toothpaste)

3) In a day or two when the soreness goes – suggest my entire mouth rinse system. Research shows Listerine is very good at reducing gum inflammation (and probably throat inflammation). So don’t be afraid to recommend Listerine in conjunction with the other rinses in a couple of days. I think the patient should be all set in 5-7 days – healing is quicker if you keep the “wound’ clean!

4) Fresh pineapple (just a little at every meal) speeds skin healing. Here is the link: http://www.dole.com search “nutrition facts” – “post op’ pineapple http://www.dole.com/NutritionInstituteLanding/NI_Articles/NI_DoleDiet/NI_DoleDiet_Detail/tabid/1058/Default.aspx?contentid=6180

Best Wishes for the Holiday!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • Wow!thanks for the advice Ms.Ellie.. I have a same problem like her, I'm just afraid to consult personally to a dentist and I'm glad that I've found your blog and finally found a solution to my problem. Thanks and more power!

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