Dear Dr. Ellie,

I find the xylitol water way too sweet. What happens when I add fresh lemon to it? will it mess with the action of xylitol?

 – A

Dear A:

Please don’t add lemon to your xylitol drink because you will make it acidic – and this would not be good to sip constantly! How about you try reducing the amount of xylitol in your water – or double the amount of water you are using.

There are other ways to incorporate xylitol into your day!

Remember ….You can also use xylitol for baking or anywhere you may usually add sugar.

Sprinkle a little on strawberries – I know you like strawberries – this may be your favorite combination perhaps!

You can add xylitol to any dessert (cookies are great with xylitol) and you can even make ice cream with xylitol!

Don’t be afraid to add xylitol to a little to sugar – to make a combination!!!

Use this and add into recipes where you would normally add sugar -the xylitol will still work – even side by side with sugar – wow!

You just need to find a way to fit a little xylitol into your lifestyle – and this varies for everyone.

Below is a link to a great book by a friend of mine – Karen has developed many recipes for baking with xylitol – and they are good recipes! We have served these after some of my seminars.

Some years ago at a seminar of mine, NY State hygienists were treated by me to a xylitol brownie at the end of it.

In November this year – NYS hygienists officially endorsed xylitol !!

Yeah – see what a brownie can do!

Baking with Xylitol 

I usually hold back on recommendations for baking with xylitol – ONLY because I have seen what happens.

People think if a little is good – more is better- next thing people are eating half a pound in their cup cakes!!

Please don’t go overboard! Two teaspoons xylitol a day is your total goal – after that you reach a plateau level for oral health. Here is the link to Karen’s book:


Hope these suggestions are useful,


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