Closys Rinse & Children’s Cavitites


I’m wondering if you would sell the Closys rinse by itself, without buying the complete system. I’m also interested in buying some xylitol mints.

I’m in Canada, so I think it would be cheaper (shipping costs) and faster to get the other components locally. Plus, this is mainly for my 6 year old son, so I’d want something other than mint flavored ACT for him. He has a new cavity (or 3) every time he visits the dentist. We were told that brushing more would not help (we brush twice a day). Hopefully, your system does the trick! His first adult tooth is coming in, and we want to avoid more cavities!

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Hi BB,

The most important thing you can do for your son is to get him on a xylitol program TOMORROW!

Not just him – but you, and anyone else who kisses or shares food with you son – you all share mouth bacteria.

Cavities are caused by a tooth-destroying germ – yes – this is a bacterial infection.

You must disinfect all the family toothbrushes every day.

Make sure toothbrushes dry between uses.

Every time you use a brush it picks up mouth germs and they grow on the brushes.

BUT – bacteria can be rinses away if you clean the brushes in Listerine (full strength) rinse out with water – and then allow the brush to dry completely (bacteria die when they dry)

DO NOT store brushes in bags, under plastic covers or lying on the sink.

Get a cup and put them to dry – brush side up!!!

Granular xylitol is available in almost any health food store.

It will look like a one pound bag of sugar. Call around and you may be able to get started with some locally tomorrow!

Put a teaspoon of the granular xylitol into a cup or bottle of water – and have your son sip this every morning ( you too!)

Zellies fruit mints are great for kids – especially if he does not like mint – they can easily be ordered on line.

ACT makes a bubblegum flavor rinse – maybe he would like that.

For a 6 year old – I think plenty of xylitol and ACT rinse morning and night are a wonderful way to start.

Don’t stress over the Closys for now – ( it is called Retardex in Canada and UK).

Try and get Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste when you can – or have your son brush with ACT rinse.

Please let me know if you still have problems.

You must take at least 1-2 teaspoons of xylitol every day – in small amounts ( for example – sipping the drink during a morning or afternoon).

Hope this helps you get started.

Now is absolutely the time for your son to take serious steps to protect his new adult teeth.

Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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