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Hi Dr. Ellie-

You mentioned in one of your blogs that you take apple cider vinegar. Do you take it for acid reflux or for some other health benefit? I ask because I may have asymptomatic acid reflux and am wondering if I should give the ACV a try.

In doing an internet search I found that some people had damaging side effects to their teeth (obviously, if you leave it on your teeth or brush right after) and gums (not sure why) after taking ACV diluted in water.

My dentist has long suspected that I may have asymptomatic acid reflux because of my thin dental enamel (although decay has never been an issue) and gum recession, etc. in spite of excellent home care. I have been following your system steadily for 6+ months and sporadically before that. I have been eating xylitol as you recommend for a couple of years now, I think.

Your thoughts?
Thanks so much.


Hi LH,

I think Apple Cider a great way to alkalize the body – and help prevent osteoporosis.

I have also heard that it has been an amazing help for people with acid reflux. I don’t have any research on this – but why not try!

Anything acidic damages teeth – during the day or night.

The answer: protect teeth from EVERY acidic attack with xylitol.

You can use granular xylitol, granular xylitol dissolved in water, or mints or gum.

The mouth rinse system works in harmony with xylitol.


Xylitol used with the mouth rinses I recommend – provide your insurance against the need for dental treatment.

If you are not seeing results:

1. make sure you are using the correct products

2. increase the amount of xylitol you have each day

3. make sure you have at least 5-6 separate exposures to xylitol a day (preferably after every acidic attack!)

Best Wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS
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