Zellies Flavors

Dear Dr. Ellie,

Have you discontinued the chocolate mint and vanilla grapefruit gums? They were so good!


Hi and thanks for the question!

I think we will be selling grapefruit gum soon from a new branch of the Zellies network – http://www.ZelliesJunior.com

This site has not yet launched – but in a couple of days it should go live!

This website has been created to help support a foundation that has a focus to avoid emergencies in the dental office.

This foundation was started in memory of an eight year old who died having a dental cleaning under sedation.

The new website will feature “candies” made with xylitol – all kinds of things that kids like.

We plan to include the grapefruit gum – and possibly the chocolate mint also!

Thanks for your interest,


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