Steps for Easy Tooth Care

Dear Ellie

The toothbrushes you sent me are great. I am trying to get my 32 year old brother to get on the system. He is not ready to do all the steps though. His gums are in good shape. But he has lots of cavity problems. Is there any minimal steps he could do to help out. Thank you

For Minimum Interest – I have set in priority:

1. Get some 100 percent xylitol each day – preferably multiple times during the day.

Best: Granular xylitol (one teaspoon) added to a glass or bottle of water each morning and sip this drink (a health drink for teeth ) during the morning.

In addition: (or at minimum) -eat some Zellies mints or gum – keep a jar in the car – one by the TV or at your desk.

2. Use only Crest Regular Cavity Protection toothpaste ( no tartar control – no baking soda – no whitening etc)

3. Use a clean toothbrush – by dipping it in Listerine, rinse off and allow to dry by storing it in a cup with the bristles up. ( bacteria die when they dry)

4. After brushing – rinse with ACT (at least before going to bed).

5. See the effects of this – then he should try the complete system for two days – enough to get most people hooked!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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