Dear Dr. Ellie:

About 6-9 months ago, I had an intense spell of pipe-smoking (which dried my mouth) and heavy fruit juice drinking (made in our own blender with real fruit, but sweet nonetheless). I think this combination caused a line of cavities on my lower left and right sides along the gum line. Would it be possible your program would reverse this? Or is it a matter of once you get the cavities, it is probably wiser to go ahead and have the dentist repair it so nothing worse develops–then, do better next time? Thanks. 

Hi D,

Cavities along the gum line are difficult to fill.

Also fillings usually fall out easily in this location.

Thirdly, the thickness between the outside and inside of the tooth is very thin at this point. The issues from this are that fillings can cause sensitivity and may even kill the nerve of the tooth during the drilling.

I am not a fan of doing fillings in this gum line area – and would always try to avoid them.

You may not get complete “filling in” of the defects – but I would at least try the system for a while.

Using xylitol will help to put minerals back into the deeper layers of the defects, but most especially it will stop the progress of the cavities.

The use of the mouth rinses and toothpaste that I recommend will enhance the building back of these teeth – “remineralization” as it is called.

If this were me – I would delay treatment as long as possible.

You do need to keep a check on progress with your health professionals – to ensure eveything is getting better and not worse.

Today there are tests to tell the hardness of teeth – and you could ask and see if they could do these for you.

I wish you the best – and would always recommend using my sytem – no matter what -After all, you probably already use toothpaste and mouth rinse – so why not use a routine that works?

Best Wishes and Happy Thanksgiving,

Ellie Phillips DDS

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