Products in the UK

Dear Ellie, 

I have just read your book and would like to try your system. 

I am currently based in London (UK). I have already ordered xylitol granules, but I was wondering if you could recommend UK products for the ACT Fluoride Rinse and Closys mouth rinse? 

You mentioned in your book xylitol mouth spray, do you know a company in the UK who sells it? 

Also, could you recommend a dentist in London or near London who works with your system or is at least innovative and uses the latest diagnostic technology for the prevention of tooth disease? 

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best wishes, 


Hi Helena, 

The main product you need to look for is Retardex – it is available in UK and replaces the Closys product exactly. 

Xylitol in granular form is sold as Perfect Sweet. 

Listerine is available. 

You may find the Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste. 

Do not be tempted to other Crest pastes – instead you may want to use Retardex toothpaste. 

ACT is not available – but a Colgate rinse – Fluoriguard will work for you. 

Hope this helps! 


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