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Dear Dr. Phillips,

I want to thank you for the wonderful resource that you have given us with the book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. I was aware of the advantages of xylitol before, and have been using it for years, but I found your book well written and full of new information.

I am a health conscious 40-year old Southern California resident, husband to a beautiful wife and father to three little girls, ages four, two, and zero (three weeks old :-)). We follow a healthy diet: organic meats, raw milk, raw butter, raw cheese (Cheddar and Monterey Jack), fresh organic vegetables and fruits, fish and cod liver oil, sprouted whole wheat grains, 100% whole food vitamins (for mom and dad), plenty of xylitol throughout the day after meals and snacks. Our health is good, thank the Lord.

I have two questions for you. First, in reading about your complete mouth care system, I came across the recommended Crest Regular toothpaste. When I saw the list of ingredients, I was concerned, as I saw, among other ingredients, sorbitol, saccharin, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Wouldn’t I be better off using alternative toothpastes Like Tom’s of Maine, Tea Tree Oil, or Jason, which contain none of those ingredients? Also, I’m not a big fan of Listerine (the antiseptic rinse in your system, I assume). Isn’t there a more “natural” alternative? Finally, we sometimes use the IPSAB toothpowder (pure salt, baking soda, and prickle ash bark) and the Rose of Sharon Acres xylitol-based tooth soap instead of toothpaste. I know baking soda can be abrasive, but can it be used occasionally (maybe we can rinse with water and IPSAB powder).

Second question: I noticed last night that the gum around my lower-right incisor has receded (maybe 2 millimiters). It still looks pink and healthy, and all other gums look normal and healthy. I think this is due to the night mouthguard I’ve been wearing for the past 7 years (I grind my teeth at night). I noticed that the mouth guard touches against that very gum neckline around the incisor. If I stop using the night guard, can I reverse the receding gum issue?

Thank you again for all your help.


Dear FS,

Thank you for your message – and I am glad you found my book useful. My system is not something I would doggedly insist everyone use.

Perhaps there are better methods out there – I do not know. I really recommend this for people with problems or people who are content to purchase products from the grocery store. If you do not have any oral health problems – then don’t just stop what you are doing just to follow.

On the other hand if you have dental disease – I suggest you follow every single product and part of the method that I recommend – and exactly as described!

I have found over the many years of being a dentist that if someone has oral disease – my system ( the strange mix of products that it is!) will stop the disease – either cavities or gum disease – and begin to reverse it. Moreover – over decades of use – the oral health of my patients ( and friends and family) remain constant – slowly IMPROVING – and not deteriorating.

This is why I feel that it is important to have written my book to describe the system – and present this for others. My system is easy – readily available – and can be used by people in most countries around the world. I do not need to keep you buying from me – I can send you to the local store to get what you need. What other system is there that provides this kind of offering?

If you read my blog you will notice that I am very fearful of baking soda and also peroxide.

I also feel that toothpastes made from chalk are a problem, but that those made with silica are mostly too abrasive – yes, even the “healthy ingredient” ones.

Back in the 1950’s toothpaste had to undergo rigorous clinical testing – and Crest was deemed the “gold standard” of toothpastes.

I use it twice a day. You only need a rice -grain size of paste on your brush – and you spit it out after using – then rinse the residue off.

The Listerine is effective because of the essential oils that it contains.

No, I have never found anything else to suggest – sorry I have tried hundreds of products.

The other interesting thing is that when I check up on people who “say” they are using my system – I can tell if they really are – by their level of enthusiasm!

If they simply say ” it’s good” then something is wrong.

They may have the wrong toothpaste, or have selected a wrong rinse or be using water rinses between each step.

Any of these changes will foul the end result People using the correct products and procedure say “WOW….my teeth FEEL AMAZING!!!”

I am not here to “convince you” just to answer your question – and these are not the answers that you want! I understand what you are looking for – but be careful. “Natural” products may not always be enough – it kind of depends on your “risk factors” = how much damage you already have in your mouth.

Your children need little more that a tiny amount of xylitol each day – enough to prevent dental damage.

You seem to have signs of acidic damage or dry mouth – for whatever reason. This is probably why you have problems with grinding your teeth. We all grind our teeth – but only acid-softened ones get ground away to cause problems. Your gum issues make me think you should be very careful – and especially with the care you give your mouth before sleeping.

Let me know if I can help more – I wish I could give you the answers that you want!

If I cared about profits – I could sell you and thousands of others on a “healthy toothpaste” – that doesn’t work!

Think about it.

Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy Holidays,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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