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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I found your blog on the Internet while googling about xylitol and I am hoping for your advice/suggestion on my daughter’s teeth. I’m near my wits end…a couple of weeks ago, her pediatric dentist performed 2 baby root canals on her. one of the tooth (bottom molar, 2nd from back) had already abscessed when she performed the baby root canal. I had started her on the xylitol as soon as we got home, with a combination of Z water, mints, gums, and xylitol lollipops. just last night, I noticed a small pimple on her gum and we went to the dentist today, and she had to drain/clean the area again. Currently, my daughter still has several cavities unfilled, and the doctor wants me to get them all filled ASAP. My question is, do you think I can wait on these and see in a couple of months whether the xylitol will help to restore some of the cavities? also, since she really dislikes the mint flavor, I’m not able to use Crest toothpaste on her, so we’ve been using Colgate’s children toothpaste with fluoride, and then Previ-Dent (at the dentist’s suggestion) your blog you had suggested brushing with a drop of ACT morning and night for young children. Do you think I should stop using the toothpastes and start brushing her with just ACT and then give her xylitol throughout the day?

My life is being consumed by my daughter’s oral health and I’d really, really appreciate it if you can write me back and give me some guidance…thank you for taking the time to read my email and I hope to hear back from you soon. your blog and zellies have given me a bit of hope in trying to save my daughter’s teeth….please help me!



Hi T,

Breathe!! You must breathe and start to think logically – this will be OK – but you must follow the directions!

The Complete Mouth Care System is for adults – and is not suitable for your daughter.

It would however be a good idea for adults in the family to clean their toothbrushes every day – and use this system of rinses and xylitol.

Remember cavities are a bacterial infection – the whole family – ALL need to get on board!!

Closys may work to help get rid of bad germs – but don’t force her to use it – this could be useful but only if she is OK with the taste.

Closys may speed the elimination of cavity forming germs and help to heal the gums that were infected.

Make sure your daughter does NOT drink the rinse – and if you are worried she may drink it – just brush a little of the rinse over her teeth – .

Her situation sounds pretty bad.

This is why you may want to get her to swish with some Closys – and then brush her teeth with ACT.

Granular xylitol is the best way to give a child of this age plenty of xylitol.

Make a drink and have her sip this often during the morning.Dip some strawberries in xylitol after lunch and then in the afternoon she could have some mints or gum if she likes them.Zellies fruit mints are not minty – they are fruity – and kids love them.

We have some ZellieBears coming soon – they are delicious also!

You must ALL get on board.

Also try to figure out why this happened.

Do you have bad teeth – does her father – grandparents??

Try to explain to the family that cavities are passed from person to person by kissing and sharing food.

If the family want to kiss your daughter they must use xylitol to clean their own mouths and break the infection chain.

This is quite a shock to you – but the great news is – if you work hard at this NOW – you will be in time to change her oral health for life!

Adult molar teeth erupt at around 5-6 years old.

If bad germs infect these teeth as they erupt -cavities will wreck them before she is 7 years old.

If you turn things around now – with xylitol and brushing with ACT every day (morning and night) her adult teeth will be protected and most likely will be healthy for a lifetime! Work hard now – ask the family to help you – and together you can turn this around!

Please keep in touch and let us know the outcome,

Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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