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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Just wanted to write to inform you of how wonderful the wealth of information is on your site! I am a nurse, however, I have always been interested in oral care. I have been using your system for about 2 months now. I have never had any dental problems (no cavities, gum disease, or tooth sensitivity). I had been using Colgate toothpaste (baking soda and peroxide) since the age of 13. (Age 29 now). After my first pregnancy, (18 months ago), my right cuspid became extremely sensitive even when eating room temperature fruit, drinking tap water (our water is not fluoridated, FYI). I started using your system exactly the way you advise and the sensitivity has completely disappeared as if it never existed. Since starting the system, I do have some plaque staining between my lower incisors. However, I have noticed on the chewing surface of my lower molars the cracks and crevices appear much darker than before I started the system. As I said earlier, I do not have any cavities and some of the crevices appear almost cavity like (probably not quite as dark). I know it is impossible to make a diagnosis without seeing inside of my mouth, but I was wondering if the darker appearing crevices could be because of dead plaque staining possibly? I am one of those people who have deeper crevices in my teeth (dentists recommended sealants when I was a teenager). Anyway, thank you for all of your amazing information! It is so interesting! I am so thankful that I discovered your site and your amazing system!!


H. in Southwest Missouri

Hi H,

Obviously I cannot diagnose from a computer – but I believe that if you are using sufficient xylitol and the mouth rinses I recommend, any dark staining is dead plaque. This would be a good sign and you should notice improvement in the feel and look of your teeth continuously over a period of a couple of years.

The new concept is one of promoting healthy bacteria in the mouth – to “crowd out” bad bacteria.

Just killing all bacteria is outdated – as outdated as the use of broad spectrum antibiotics.

Our next era is the era of probiotics: nurturing healthy bacteria with prebiotics ( as xylitol does) and getting rid of the disease bacteria in the body ( as xylitol does).

I think in the next year we will see more about honey, herbs and spices that promote healthy bacteria in the mouth and in the gut.

I think this is the next era of medicine – and this will be very exciting for everyone.

The greatest thing about teeth is that you can actually feel and see the difference when your oral flora is balanced and sustainable.

In other words your teeth feel great and your mouth just feels healthy!

I am sure you would enjoy my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, although I am contemplating a new version next year with more about probiotics and the effect of foods and nutrition on oral health.

Best Wishes and thanks for your message,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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