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Hello.  I am writing you because I want my family to have healthy teeth.  I bought from my local health food store NOW xylitol; it is 100% xylitol powder.  Would this product be ok for its use and do you know if there are any added sweetners that are not listed on the ingredient label?

I cannot answer this but you must look at the ingredient list – make sure it is only xylitol and not a mix of xylitol with silica etc.

Powdered or granular xylitol can be mixed into a cup of water ( about one teaspoon in a 8 oz water) to sip during the day – then get mints or gum for after meals or just for fun! The goal is as many exposures to xylitol as possible each day.
6 -10 grams – (about 1-2 teaspoons) is perfect for oral health.
One teaspoon is about 4-5 grams and then a couple of mints or a piece or two of gum each day will bring you to the level of xylitol you want each day.
Make sure you are cautious about toothbrush hygiene and your choice of oral care products.
The website has my recommendation for oral health:
Hope this helps!

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