Complete Mouth Care System

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Is your complete system 100% safe during pregnancy?

Yes and you should be using it since gum disease has a direct risk for premature birth.

My children (nearly 3 and 18 months) have both been taking fluoride 0.25mg tablets daily for nearly their entire lives. This was recommended by their pediatrician. We have no fluoride in our water. I saw you do not recommend any fluoride to be ingested, so how can I take care of their teeth?

I cannot get between you and the advice of your pediatrician – but I do NOT recommend fluoride supplements.

I recommend cleaning a child’s mouth with xylitol – use a solution of granular xylitol in water – sip it, drink it – brush it on teeth – at least 5-6 exposrues a day!! Most kids can begin with a drop in a glass of water and learn to rinse with dilute fluoride rinse as they get to around 4-6 years old.

Neither of them have been to a dentist, as I was told by my dentist they did not need to be seen until age 3. Is this correct?

The most recent advice is to take a child around the first birthday – but this should not include a cleaning and the child should not need any treatment.

The idea is to see a knowledgeable dentist and have them educate you about the need for prevention – xylitol – correct oral care etc.

As for xylitol mints, do you need to chew them or keep them in your mouth a certain length of time? does not matter

What would be the best way to give my kids xylitol (what form and how often)?

At least five exposures a day – mix and match to suit their lifestyle and age. For really young kids the idea of granular xylitol either on a spoon or dissolved in water is an easy way to “clean” teeth five or more times a day! The more exposures ( even tiny amounts ) the stronger and cleaner their teeth will be. The best time is after anything sweet or after meals, snacks etc or before naptime.

I read that xylitol can be deadly to dogs on your website, does this also apply to cats? Don’t think so – but don’t know

I know you suggest that your system be done every 12 hours, but some days, that will be impossible for me. Is close to every 12 hours acceptable? Yes
Lastly, my husband is skeptical of my ideas to try your system out, so he wants me to try it first, alone. Will kissing him keep re-introducing the bacteria into my mouth, or is this not a problem? Yes and he will be infecting your kids. Hopefully sufficient xylitol will give you the winning combination – and protect you enough and also protect your kids! Use the mouth rinses I suggest – Closys is also going to help kill bacteria and make your teeth so clean and shiny – your husband will be a believer and will be amazed!

I think that’s all of my questions, for now. Sorry it’s so many!! Thank you so much for your help and your system!! I can’t wait to get started!! I haven’t ordered the zellies yet, because I’m not sure how much to order, but I will get right to it once I hear from you. Thanks again!!

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