Brushing Time, Closys, MI Paste, Clenching, Signs of Remineralization

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Dear Dr. Ellie,

Thank you for all the time you put into your blog. I have learned quite a lot and hope my questions might help others as theirs have helped me. Sorry there are so many!
1. I like to brush very thoroughly and usually brush w/ Crest for 5-10 minutes before sleep while doing your complete system (morning brushing is not as long). Is this harmful? I use a soft toothbrush. I think this is fine providing you are using the Crest regular paste – no added chemicals and not the new varieties!

2. I added some of the peppermint oil flavoring (about half of the little dropper bottle included) to my bottle of Closys before reading that you don’t recommend this. Is it useless now? It will be fine – but I think it works best without the flavor – remember to try it unflavored next time!
3. I saw in one of your posts not to mix & match w/ MI paste. My current dentist recommends MI paste. Can you say more about why it won’t work? What about using it in the middle of the day, not in conjunction w/ the rinses vs. after the ACT before bed? In the middle of the day would not be a problem. I have not seen any positive results from this expensive paste. I am not convinced by their ‘studies’. Mostly I have not seen any tsunami of excitement that would occur if it were the miracle the manufacturers say it is!

4. I have gum recession & gumline decay which I have been told by multiple dentists is due to jaw clenching in my sleep (and now I know that brushing w/ baking soda toothpaste contributed too probably). I never drank soda or acidic drinks. I gather this can be caused by malocclusion, and would like to solve this problem if possible, without causing further harm. One Dr. suggested recalibration which involves grinding down some teeth to balance the overall bite. That sounded dangerous to me. Another suggested building up the teeth needed to realign the bite (I assume with composite filling material?). I am worried about BPA from this. Any suggestions? Just use the system that I recommend —-and wait – wait and wait!! Don’t let anyone make you fearful.

Ask yourself in a year – “Is this condition stabilized or is it getting worse?”

This damage was most likely was from acidic saliva or the baking soda – and this mouth rinse system with xylitol will stop any more damage. The erosion may not disappear – but as long as it is not getting worse – then there is no reason for any grinding nor recalibration etc. Work hard and surprise them in 6 months – then in a year – then they will stop making suggestions! Let me know the outcome – I enjoy winning the battle of the bite!!

5. Multiple dentists’ opinions have also agreed that the decay along the cheek (both sides) gumline of the bottom molars warrants fillings. I have procrastinated and will probably continue to do so now that I have a clear action plan. There has been a line of brown discoloration along the bottom of them all for the past 5 years or so. It has gotten worse after two pregnancies (after reading your book I understand why), but I’ve only been doing your system for 6 weeks now. They don’t have sensitivity so that’s not an issue. I’m not sure if I’ve waited too long as it is & should go ahead & get the fillings. My question – Can I tell from the mirror if the decay is stopping & the teeth are healing, or do I need x rays after a few months to assess the health of the teeth?

If there is no sensitivity and if this is decay – the xylitol multiple times a day along with the rinsing will stop the progress of the disease and start to slowly reverse it. This takes time – but it is worth waiting and if you are truly committed to this daily routine – they will not deteriorate – so you have nothing to lose! I would love to know in two years what these “cavities” look like! Go for it – I think you may do a lot of healing by yourself!!

Many, many thanks – DMS in TX

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  • Anonymous says:

    are you serious? You think decay will just reverse itself??

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    Decay does reverse itself. YES.Minerals get built back into teeth.The process of breakdown and repair affects your teeth – on all day and all night.How much repair vs. how much breakdown = the end result.You should read my book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye for a simplified version of the article below( see link below).You have to tip the demineralization vs remineralization balance, in order to have nice teeth.You do this with xylitol and with the rinsing system that I recommend.My suggested process stimulates natural repair – and this rebuilds strength back into teeth.You won't find much about this on any ADA site just yet – but there is quite a lot on the California Dental Association website.They are a little more progressive about this side of preventive dentistry.Here is great information you may like to read: Phillips DDSSolutions for Oral Healthwww.DrEllie.comDr

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