Early Improvement

Hi Ellie:

We (all four of us) have been on your system for 2 days and already I can tell that there is some improvement. My own mouth feels clean and fresh and I know my son’s bad breath has gone away. I do dilute the listerine for the kids and they don’t mind all the rinses. They actually like the soothing feeling of the ACT at the end.

I am fully committed to this…I will buy the xylitol if I can find it and put it in his water.

One other thing…should he still try to brush after lunch? or at least rinse with something? He has the ability to do so, but unfortunately he has taken some razzing from kids at school. Why tooth brushing is such a big deal to them, I have no idea. He was a bit embarrassed but I told him I was proud of him for doing it anyway.

I will keep you informed of our progress and in 6 months he has a dentist appointment.

Thank you,


Dear B: I am not a fan of taking toothbrushes around in baggies!

This becomes the perfect medium for growth of bacteria on the brush.
This is why the US military put their confidence in xylitol some years ago (2001) in a program called “Look for Xylitol First”


In essence they were teaching the troops that a) beware sorbitol and b) use xylitol when it is difficult to brush.

In fact a bottle of water with xylitol dissolved in it would probably be the best idea to “wash” teeth after lunch at school – and no one will know!!

Research supports this concept fully.

Hope this helps – it is important to stop thinking about ‘teeth” and see this as a “mouth infection” – most problematic “in saliva”.

This is why the liquid xylitol – either from a dissolved mint, gum or in water – will attack and clean the problem in saliva – and hence clean the teeth.

This is a hard concept at first – because most people have been brain washed for decades to trust in floss and a toothbrush!
Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!

author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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