The Dr. Ellie System and Listerine

Dr. Ellie,

I have a question about rinsing with water between the steps of your system. Should I? I mean, after I brush my teeth with Crest, is it ok to rinse the toothpaste out of my mouth with water before I do the Listerine? Or are you recommending rinsing the toothpaste out WITH the Listerine, and then immediately using the ACT after the Listerine?


Dear I,

I am recommending rinsing toothpaste out WITH the Listerine, and then immediately using ACT after the Listerine.

The reason for this is that Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste with nothing added is made with silica and contains sodium fluoride.

The silica releases sodium fluoride to the tooth surface quickly during brushing.

This protective layer prevents acidic Listerine from damaging the tooth surface while it is doing your “liquid flossing” and removing plaque between your teeth.

Squish the Listerine quickly in and out between your teeth (this will remove any residual toothpaste also).

Spit out and then you are ready for the ACT.

Hope this answers your question no water needed!!

Thanks for your interest,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
Author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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