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Dr. Ellie,

I am curious and hopeful about a situation you may be familiar with.

A friend has an “inherited” situation in which the teeth rot from the inside out; apparently this cannot be seen even on x-ray or known until the teeth break off, often at the gum line. Actually, they were told it is “incurable”. But I wonder.

The mother is concerned for her daughter that she will have the same difficulty.

Can xylitol, Closys help with this condition.

I would be interested in your comments and recommendations that I may pass along.

Thanks for your help,


Hi T,

This condition needs plenty of xylitol as well as the mouth rinses that I recommend. It sounds to me as if this person is drinking or eating in bed before going to sleep.

Drinking soda or even diet drinks before sleeping will rot the inside of teeth even if you brush your teeth!

If your friend has a dry mouth and needs a drink at night she should buy some granular xylitol and add a teaspoon to water and drink this in bed at night! The xylitol will harden the inside of these teeth and begin to miraculously reverse the problems!

I assume this person has a dry mouth maybe medications, allergies or braces?

I recommend the full line of rinses but Closys will be very helpful and Crest Cavity Protection paste ( no additives no whitening or baking soda NEVER!!!)

Also lots of ACT rinsing this is healing especially when combined with using xylitol.

This person ( in addition to the drink with xylitol at night) should also get Zellies mints and gum to nibble during the day after drinks and meals.

This is a disease bacterial and the bacteria grow on toothbrushes. Run the brushes through the dishwasher and let them DRY between uses preferably in sunlight. Bacteria die when they dry!!!

She may need several toothbrushes to do this properly. This can be controlled but act NOW …no time to waste.

Closys is available in Walgreens Drug Stores, Zellies and ACT in Wegmans and granular xylitol in some Wegmans and most health food stores.

Let me know the outcome but this is important for general health not just teeth!

Best Wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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