Dosage of Mouth Rinse

Dr. Ellie Phillips DDS

Thank you for your kind help. Concerning Closys, Listerine and ACT would you please tell me what dosage do I suppose to use each rinse? Do I follow the dosage of label?

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Dear A,

“Dosage” actual volume is not vital but use a comfortable amount for rinsing. Too little rinse may not give you enough liquid to swish around and may reduce the benefits. Too much will be wasteful.
Use what seems sensible and comfortable to you The WAY you rinse is more important.

• Let Closys swish gently around your teeth especially those teeth with any gum problems (about a minute).

• Then brush.

• Use Listerine by vigorously squeezing and squishing the Listerine in and out between your teeth( for 30 secs to one minute MAX) think of this stage as liquid flossing!

• As soon as you spit out the Listerine allow ACT to “soak” into your teeth. ACT rinse will heal and give your tooth enamel shine and sparkle, strength and beauty give it time to soak in! (At least a minute for this rinse two minutes if you have time then spit out well but do not rinse or eat or drink for at least an hour after using this rinse).

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