Thank you Maya: A Note from the Blog Coordinator

Hello Zellie-lovers and visitors…

I wanted to say thank you to “Maya” a follower of this blog for pointing out a problem with one of our posts. Sometimes we post a dozen or more in one day, and unfortunately mistakes happen. We very much appreciate any and all feedback and constructive criticism that you send us. Know that ALL comments and emails are read. That doesn’t mean we post them all, (although it is probably 95%)… but we try to include both the positive and the negative and give you the opportunity to both learn how to better your oral health through Dr. Ellie’s system, but also to challenge us please call us on something that doesn’t seem right to you & ask if you don’t understand! This has always been meant to be a forum… and we like it that way.

That said if you think we mistyped a word, cut and paste awkwardly, did not remove an email address, or other identifying information, did not explain something correctly, or just plain misspelled a word… please let us know! Dr. Ellie spends hours and hours responding to emails and comments here and her team is responsible for editing and making that Q&A appear here and sometimes on the Zellies Website as well. We do make a mistake here and there, and while we try not to… well, it does happen… and we appreciate it when we get the opportunity to make it right.

Zellies Blog Coordinator

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