Dr. Ellie, 

As a nutritionist, I am delighted to learn about your system. Why didn’t any dentist ever tell me about this???? And I have questions: Thanks so much for your help to me and all the rest of us! I am expecting great results from using your system.

Dr. Elizabeth (Ph.D.) Seattle

Dear Dr. E,

To answer your question: the US was very insulated from xylitol information because (I believe) oral care companies did not see it in their interest to let you know that xylitol can remineralize teeth and promote oral health. Check the “You Tube” Commercials on my links page and see xylitol in other countries!

Xylitol is expensive and no one can put a patent on it.
Xylitol in its pure and simple form will work.
Zellies products are really just the granular xylitol, flavored with natural flavors and pressed into a little breath mint voila! Perhaps the only thing closer to nature would be to chew the wood of birch trees!
I have answered the other questions below,

Thanks for your interest,

1. How do we know that xylitol won’t also kill off some of the beneficial bacteria in the body, as in the gut?
Your analagy with the gut is good…however xylitol would be like a “probiotic” encouraging the growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth.

Healthy mouth bacteria are not sticky, do not glue themselves to teeth and this kind of mouth bacteria are therefore easily removed with brushing and do not layer up on each other to form blankets of plaque. It is “intruder” bacteria are the ones that “infect” people’s mouths and lead to cavities and gum disease.

I believe the trouble began when we stopped cleaning our teeth with sticks (containing xylitol??) and toothbrushes were used often grossly infected!
People transfer harmful bacteria to each other and to other family memebers in kissing and sharing food.
Bacteria can come from open toilets and can land on brushes.
Most children “catch” harmful bacteria after antibiotic treatments have wiped outthe protection of healthy mouth bacteria to leave you vulnerable for re-infection…just like the gut.

There was a study in the 1960s. with naval recruits who were separated into two groups: those with good teeth (good bacteria in their mouths ) and bad teeth ( harmful bacteria). Half of each group had a dental cleaning. Then, all the recruits were exposed to a rinse that contained harmful bacteria (Ugh!)

Final tests showed an interesting result in the good teeth group.
The recruits that had a dental cleaning BECAME INFECTED WITH the harmful bacteria.
The ones that did not have the cleaning were “protected” and did not get infected.

2. I have abraded gums (not inflamed, not bleeding), from having had braces and from brushing too vigorously with abrasive toothpaste. What can I do to encourage regrowth?
I imagine you have suffered some kind of damage from mouth acidity.
It can be the acidity of your own saliva, dental rinses or consuming drinks that are acidic with frequency or last thing before brushing…soda, wine, lemonade, sports drinks…even lemon in water makes it acidic.

Another reason for receeding gums is using baking soda or peroxide
I don’t know why it happens but gums always receed when these products are used for any length of time.

I would advise the Compete Mouth Care System used EXACTLY as suggested. It may take time but several things are working together to clean and protect your teeth and gums and gums can re-grow….I have seen it. If you have products that you do not like or will not use call me so I can persuade you to try this in total don’t mix and match the products with anything else they will not work!

3. In this system, will existing tartar/calculus dissolve, or will I still need a dental cleaning to get rid of what is there?
I suggest start on the program and then after around 60-90 days go and have a cleaning.
This will get rid of hardened plaque and give you a kind of “head start” on the cleaning up program.

If you have read the website you will know that it takes years for the full effect but only 6 months for great improvments.
(You will have to decide if you are going to tell your dentist about your system some may try to talk you out of it- believeing that that rinses are not powerful enough.
I suggest you may want to wait until they BEG you to know what you are using! (About a year from the start!). Perhaps they will want a Complete Mouth Care Kit for themselves!

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