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Dr. Ellie

Is it safe to use ACT morning & night when the directions recommend daily? Thanks


Hi S,

Thanks for you question.

My kids were rinsing twice a day with ACT since they were 6 and I have used it twice a day myself for over 35 years!!

I don’t drink or recommend SODA NOT EVEN once a day! Where is the warning on THAT label? Ha!

I have always recommended ACT twice a day after breakfast and before bed at night.

Rinse with ACT and spit out well. Don’t drink or eat after using it for about an hour if possible.

ACT is a very dilute concentration of fluoride made originally for drinking (THIS IS NOT my recommendation but it was formulated for this, back in the 1950s!)

The gels and pastes that some dental offices put on teeth or recommend in trays are much stronger sometimes THOUSANDS of times stronger than ACT !!

ACT is one of the “weakest” fluoride rinses on the market.

What most people don’t understand is that only very dilute fluoride REMINERALIZES teeth not the stronger solutions.

Like many other things stronger fluoride is not better (but try telling the average person that!! ) The more exposure to dilute fluoride , however, the stronger and more acid resistant your teeth will become. Twice a day is sensible and I am very comfortable with the recommendation.

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Ellie Phillips DDS
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author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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