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Hi Dr. Ellie:

I ran across your website, and thankful I did. I hope you’re still working with people like me.

I’m 22. I’ve always brushed my teeth and taken care of them. I was pregnant with my daughter a year ago, and being pregnant with her damaged my teeth severely.

I’m walking around with 1 broken tooth and one tooth that also needs to be pulled.

I’ve tried everything. I’ve just now started using colgate pro clinicals. And one cavity almost looks better like the tooth is trying to repair itself. I’m ashamed of how I look and cannot afford a dentist even if my fear could be overcome because of how bad “I” think it looks.

Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, P.

Hi P,
I am not sure how much I can help you if you tooth in the front is broken – but if it is cavities and weak teeth that are a problem – I can make some recommendations!
The first thing is to stop your tooth damage:

For this you need some 100 percent xylitol. You can order a starter kit from the website. The kit has everything you need in it – and can be ordered on line.

For today, you may be able to find Zellies mints in a store near you ( where do you live?) or you can go to any Health Food Store and find 100 percent granular xylitol to start.

Put a teaspoon of this pure granular xylitol into a 12 oz bottle of regular water and shake it up until the xylitol dissolves.

Sip this “xylitol water” during the day, and use this water to wash away food particles from your teeth by sipping it after meals.

You can swish and spit it out or sip and drink – it does not matter. What is important is to do this through the day – lots and lots of times.

Morning and night I suggest you to rinse with ACT mouth rinse ( sold in Walgreens and Target) – at the very least.

If you can get all the mouth rinses that I recommend on my website that would be better ( only Walgreens sells Closys).

You need to use them in the way that I recommend – to clean your mouth and start healing your teeth.

Do this simple stuff first and then let me know how your teeth feel.

Best Wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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