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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been on your system for almost 3 months. My specific concern is my gums. First question: Is there anything I can do (in addition to your system) to help promote gum health? From rereading your book and perusing your blog, it looks like the best advice is to make sure I’m rinsing vigorously with Closys for 2-3 minutes (in addition to the rest of the system). Is there anything else you would recommend?

My second question is about the toothpaste. I was sorting through toothpastes that I bought before starting your system, and I found “Crest Regular Paste Cavity Protection” and “Crest Regular Paste Tartar Control.” Which is the one you recommend? They are both Crest Regular Pastes. (I have been using the Cavity Protection one for the past 3 months.)



Hi J,

Thanks for your questions –

1) Do not use the Tartar control – use the Crest cavity Protection ( nothing added)!

2) For gum health – use the rinses as recommended morning and night, plus:

• Make sure you have plenty of xylitol every day – after anything you eat or drink( at least five times a day).

• Make sure you disinfect your toothbrush every day – use a little Listerine, rinse out and store your brush, so it dries completely

• Get people in your family or close to you, to join in this program – or else, move your toothbrush away from theirs and use extra xylitol to make sure you don’t get re-infected by them. Families and people who kiss each other, share mouth bacteria. So get them all on the program if possible!

Don’t use water between the rinses – Begin with Closys( spit out) brush with Crest – rinse toothpaste off with Listerine (spit out) and immediately rinse with ACT.

Hope this helps – your mouth should feel fantastic after the rinses and just as clean after eating some Zellies mints or gum.

Let me know if you have any other questions,


Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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