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Dear Dr. Ellie,

I’ve been following your Complete System for approx. one year now, and overall I’m quite pleased. I do have a problem with recurring dead plaque, though.

I was up quite early this morning, and caught an infomercial for a product called “30 Second Smile.” It’s a six-headed, battery powered toothbrush that’s claimed to be just the absolute best tool to use for cleaning the teeth and gumline. Uses the “Bass technique,” whatever that is. From the website www.30secondsmile.com.

Now, I didn’t “bite” (Ha!), but I am intrigued. Have you heard of this product? I respect your opinion, and would love to get your thoughts on this thing and whether it might actually be a useful addition to your System. Currently I manually brush, using a Zellie’s brush after breakfast and a Colgate Wave before bed. I’m quite conscientious about using the correct products as you recommend (including of course plenty of “proper” exposures to Xylitol). Any advice is most appreciated.

Thank you so much; be well.


Thanks for your message and for you confidence in my opinion! I think it is possible to clean teeth (it should be called gum cleaning) with many kinds of brushes and many techniques.

The important thing is that you brush YOUR GUMS!!! To do this well, you need to like the feeling of brushing, and use a helpful toothpaste. The Bass technique has been tested and supported for decades and I have no problem if you are able to do this.

Long time ago I made a video of important things about tooth brushing I need to edit this and get it on You tube!! I have never worried too much about brushing techniques. I have been more focused on getting people to disinfect and store their brushes safely every day! I have no concern about good battery powered brushes and I am familiar with the one you mention.

I think you will find it may make cleaning your teeth an even BETTER experience for you! Oral health is so vital if can you afford this investment for your health, go ahead and give it a whirl!!

I would love to know what you think Get a consumer reaction from a concerned oral health advocate. I am always looking to help people take their oral health to the next level.

We should probably start a toothbrush page on Facebook and chat about people’s favorite toothbrushes!

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • KKC says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,Thanks for the quick response. I admit you have me a little confused:You wrote "I have never worried too much about brushing techniques." Yet in your book [b]Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye[/b] we read (p.168) "I may not talk much about flossing, but I am a fanatic about good toothbrushing. In my office I have always taken part in teaching patients how to brush their teeth effectively. I usually stand behind them, giving my patients a mirror to hold so they can watch me while I brush their teeth. In this way, patients not only feel the benefits of good brushing but also see how it is achieved." Hmmm…As you would consider the brush "an investment for my health" and not just a potentially useful adjunct, I might just give it a whirl. I'd be happy to pass on my experience if I do!(Oh, and I'm quite sure you would counsel to not use the whitening kit that's being thrown in with the brush.)Best wishes to you as well,KKC

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    "I have never worried too much about brushing techniques." "I am a fanatic about good toothbrushing." OK – I agree with both these statements – they are both relevant – and I think I can explain – maybe better if I find a way to show brushing on a video! The fact is that dentists/perio people get all carried away about the angle of the brush, the motion etc. I don' t think this is particularly important.Most dentists never address where you are brushing ( in your mouth) – where you "miss" each day. I think it is vital to have 1) a clean brush 2) a good brush ( one that works well and feels nice to use) and 3) a SYSTEM that makes sure every part of your gums are massaged – or touched by the motion of your brush as you work around your mouth. [ I don't care what angle your brush is at – just that a good brush is in your hand and your hand guides it to your gums] I show people how to get right up to the top corner of their mouths – (up by their ears basically) by closing up their mouths – most people open too wide.I show people how to work around their mouth.They have to make sure they get the front of their mouth as they "turn their wrist over".They have to do the inside and the outside – working all around the jaws – down by the side of their tongue, right to the very back – inside and outside of the row of teeth. Wait for the video!! Good luck with the whitening – no I don't think you should use it – read the chapter in my book!

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