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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I have been using your system for 2 years now, and I feel it has been helpful. But my concern is that it appears my teeth have been getting progressively yellower. Why am I experiencing this?

I also make sure to get at least 5 exposures of granular xylitol everyday after meals and snacks. I am disheartened that my teeth appear more yellow now even in natural light.
I am a 48 year old female.

Thank you.

Hi F,

I have three questions then an explanation/description as to why teeth get yellower, a final suggestion!

Question #1) Are you sure that you are using the system EXACTLY as I suggest?

The Closys first (no flavor added)

Only Crest Cavity Protection paste ( no whitening, tartar control, scope etc added)?…etc….

Real Listerine try the original flavor some people say it works better.

ACT anticavity rinse (the original one)….not a store brand.
It is ESSENTIAL to go from one product to the next no water rinse in between.

It is essential to use the exact products not a substitute or store brand that you think may work the same..or that your dentist gave you….
Question #2) Do you ensure that your rinsing is at a good time in the morning and night?

Make sure not to eat or drink for at least an hour after using and preferably right before you go to sleep at night?..

This ensures that the ACT anticavity rinse is the last thing on your teeth before you put your head on the pillow to sleep….

Question #3) What is your xylitol source?

I try hard to talk generically about xylitol and offer solutions for people who only have access to granular xylitol etc., but I truly believe that Zellies gum and mints offer superior protection for teeth (for some reason). I cannot justify this statement perhaps they taste better, so people use them more! I suggest you use Zellies gum and mints as your xylitol source and see if that helps after every meal, snack or drink. I am not trying to promote my products like a salesman it is just the outcome from using Zellies seems to be better….

Yellowing of teeth:

I have a chapter in my book to describe why teeth look white and it sounds as if you understand light reflection etc.

The color/strength of teeth is the outcome between: damage done to teeth daily vs. strength built back into teeth daily.

Simply put it is :

How much damage? vs How much repair the color of your teeth.

o More repair each day the whiter teeth become:

o More damage each day the yellower teeth become:

My system is designed to “work on your teeth” for several hours each day, and generate enough repair to balance a lot of damage!!

My system is usually sufficient to stop damage from mouth acidity and dry mouth.

Xylitol is used after every meal, snack or drink to shorten the time/cut off acidic damage from these meals, drinks or snacks.

The use of xylitol and the rinse routines should give enough repair to stop and reverse damage from acidity so you gradually have more repair each day and teeth become whiter and whiter.

Read this letter carefully and let me know how you think you could increase the amount of repair for your teeth each day.

Maybe you could add one more rinse routine into your day after lunch?
I am not a big fan of too many tooth cleanings but you could add one more rinse routine if you think there is no other solution.

Do your teeth look whiter after you finish doing the routine? they should if you are using the products correctly!

Best Wishes,
Ellie Phillips DDS

Solutions for Oral Health!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • Ashley says:

    Hi Dr. Ellie,I had asked this question before and now I'm really worried that I'm using the system in a wrong way.You are saying not to rinse out teeth after brushing with tooth paste, but just spit the tooth paste out and continue rinsing with Listerine followed by ACT?Please respond – I really appreciate it.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    That is correct. Please DO NOT rinse with water in between the brishing, Listerine and ACT, just go one to the next. Also DO NOT rinse with water after the ACT. The idea is to get the perfect chemical balance and the water upsets this balance.Best of Luck!

  • Ashley says:

    Thank you thank you thank you! I've been rinsing after the tooth brushing since I started in April!! I'm hoping for more changes now when I change this part. Love the mints and the gum, by the way. Thanks again.

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