No Cavities!

Hi Dr Ellie,

I recently had a dental check up and again had no cavities!!!! This was SO great, because I would have a cavity at most check ups. If I made it through without one, there would be one next time. Never back to back cavity free. I think several times the dentist said something about seeing if it became bigger. So I probably always had something to pick at.

Anyway, I am following your system daily. I even have my husband following it, too. I remember learning that dry mouth helps cavity bugs, yet we need to keep our tooth brush dry. I am a little confused. Is it that a dry mouth allows them to adhere to the teeth and they cannot multiply on a dry brush? Sorry if this is a silly question.

Also, I recently saw Listerine Zero. It does not contain alcohol. Is this a product to “wait and see” or would this be ok?

Thank you for all your knowledge shared so wonderfully.
God bless,

Hi A,

Delighted to hear the great news!!! NO MORE CAVITIES!!

Thanks for a great question. Yes, bacteria “die when they dry” which is why we recommend your toothbrush air dry completely before you use it again.

A dry mouth, on the other hand, is not really DRY it may feel dry, but the problem is really “reduced saliva flow”.

Saliva is helpful to us because it washes teeth and keeps them lubricated, moisturized and healthy.

Of course for this to happen, you need nice, healthy saliva!

Fortunately Xylitol/Zellies help anyone keep saliva healthy by cleaning away bacteria and encouraging “mineral-rich”(alkaline) saliva to flow into your mouth…..

If you have a dry mouth and only a little saliva, without this help, there will be less lubrication and moisture. Moreover, the saliva may be “infected” saliva.

This means there are harmful bacteria IN THE SALIVA which will clump together and form plaque on teeth.

Bacteria clumping occurs quickly if the mouth is acidic and when saliva is deficient in minerals it becomes acidic!  So a dry, acidic mouth will be at great risk for dental troubles.

Acidic saliva dissolves tooth enamel and promotes harmful bacteria. Acidic saliva encourages bacteria to clump on teeth (plaque) and not be washed away.

The bacteria in plaque produce more acids that weaken and dissolve teeth they make the mouth more acidic…….

This becomes a terrible cycle of destruction! How sad that people suffer dental disease like this.

All they need are frequent small exposures to xylitol and to build some strength and resistance with the use of the mouth rinse system I recommend. I am not ready to endorse Listerine Zero yet I suggest you stay with what we know works!
Hope this answers your questions!

Again I am delighted by the great news of your cavity free check ups!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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