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Thank you so much for this.  I just received my copy of your book today and have started devouring it.

It seems as if the toothpaste is the more problematic aspect of your system for those of us who are not able to access Crest regular.  I looked in my local supermarket today for Colgate regular, but they only have half a dozen different Colgates whitening, tartar control, super improved etc. etc.

Can you let me know which ingredients commonly found in toothpastes you would not recommend.  I know we mentioned Triclosan.  I see that Retardex toothpaste also has sorbitol and saccharine!!  Are there other ingredients that I should be on the lookout for?

With many thanks.

Hi G,

Great question! What to avoid in toothpaste: I believe we need to avoid damaging peroxides, harsh chemicals and abrasive ingredients, even baking soda.

This excludes whitening pastes (that are usually abrasive or contain peroxide) tartar control products ( abrasive and acidic) and ironically many toothpastes found in health food stores( abrasive and acidic).

Avoid Triclosan ( it can turn to cholorform in your mouth). Some people are concerned about glycerin in toothpaste which may have an effect on blocking remineralization. I’m not a chemist, so don’t ask me to justify the above comments these are my opinions based on clinical evidence ( things I have seen personally!)

Second, what TO LOOK for: I believe the best toothpaste is made with silica not chalk, sodium fluoride not stannous fluoride. The simpler the better! Toothpastes developed in the 1950s and 60s appear to be the ones you want. Newer and more complex pastes do not seem to bring the health and happiness are teeth are looking for!

Things NOT to worry about in toothpaste and mouth rinses: I would never want you to eat products that contain sorbitol. Unfortunately many toothpastes are sweetened with sorbitol BUT since you’re going to spit it out and since we’re dealing with eliminating plaque bacteria in many other ways I am not concerned about having a dash of sorbitol as an ingredient in toothpaste, or mouth rinses.

I know it’s contradictory and I wish there was a better alternative BUT out of all the things to worry about in toothpaste, I do not worry so much about the sorbitol if you are using the rest of my mouth rinse system.

I am always on the lookout for better alternatives. There is a new toothpaste being developed that contains xylitol with probiotics. It looks very interesting and I’m excited to watch the development of this product. Believe me when we can find a better alternative hopefully the perfect toothpaste I’ll let you know!

Thanks again for great question,
Best wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS

Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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