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Hi Dr. Ellie,

I heard you on a radio show recently, and have ordered your ‘Complete Mouth Care System’. My only question concerns the Crest regular (mint) flavored toothpaste.  I’ve found I don’t much like mint flavor, and rather prefer a cinnamon flavored toothpaste.  Have you found a cinnamon flavored toothpaste that would work with your Mouth Care System?

I can’t seem to find a basic one, I find this flavor more in the ‘Total or Pro’Care type pastes…

Any advice is appreciated.


 Hi L,

Delighted you are trying out the complete mouth care system. I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

If you don’t like Crest toothpaste  my next suggestion would be use less paste!
Most people use too much toothpaste you only need a small amount the size of a rice grain should be adequate.

If this is still a problem I recommend a drop of cinnamon ACT rinse on your toothbrush.
Use this in place of toothpaste then rinse with Listerine rinse again with ACT.
You are basically replacing the toothpaste with a drop of mouth rinse on your toothbrush.

By using a good toothpaste we are trying to cover your teeth with a layer of protection (from the fluoride in the toothpaste ) before acidic Listerine.
Crest toothpaste releases fluoride quickly to offer protection to the teeth before the Listerine rinse.
Many toothpastes are too slow to release the fluoride or don’t release enough.

The ACT rinse is therefore my second choice even though it’s not a toothpaste, it will do the job.
Best wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS

Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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