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Hello Dr. Ellie!  

I am really eager to try your system but there is just 1 problem.  When I use listerine my gums start to peel.  I know it’s the listerine because when I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning, the first thing she asked was do I use listerine and when I told her yes, she said she could tell because of my gums peeling.  She said many patients encountered this when they used it.  So I stopped using it and I have never had a problem with peeling gums since which made me realize it was the listerine.  Is there any substitution that you provide on the zellies website or that I can purchase separately to get the same effect?  

Thank you so much for your help!


Hi A,

Thank you for your question about Listerine.
A lot of people are nervous about Listerine and don’t understand how effective it is, or how it works.

How Listerine works:
Listerine is extremely effective because it contains 3 Essential Oils: eucalyptus, menthol and thymol.
These essential oils do exactly what the Listerine label says it will do… “Listerine will kill the germs that cause plaque…..”

But here comes the most important thing Listerine is only effective at removing young (” baby”) plaque cells Listerine will only kill the germs that form plaque it does not kill older ones because older plaque is a different shape!
You could argue that if you don’t have baby plaque you won’t have mature plaque growing on your teeth so this is the claim for 12 hour protection!!

How Listerine kills Baby plaque cells: Immature plaque cells are like little seeds (under a microscope ) they are small and round in shape.  The oils from the Listerine burst the outer coating of these “seed like” cells.
This is how Listerine kills BABY OR IMMATURE plaque and if you use it every 12 hours will stop plaque developing into MATURE plaque on your teeth.

However, Listerine has NO effect on mature plaque that may already be IN YOUR MOUTH!! (Read the Listerine label again carefully the label doesn’t say that it does)!

Mature plaque needs another rinse (that’s why we need Closys before brushing). Mature plaque cells have a different shape Mature plaque cells are not little round cells.  After 12 hours these “seed-like plaque cells” grow and change into filamentous or “worm like” bacteria …… yuck!!

Read your Listerine bottle!  Get your Listerine bottle and read it carefully it recommends using Listerine twice a day every 12 hours for 24 hour protection. This is because the immature bacteria change after 12 hours and then the Listerine will not be effective on them.  If Listerine is going to protect you, you need to use it every 12 hours……. I hope I make this clear….but please read more……!!!

The real problem with Listerine: In order for Listerine oils to work they have to be dissolved in alcohol and be acidic.  This is why it is essential to protect your teeth before using Listerine, and again, after using Listerine.  In my system we ensure that the Listerine rinse stage is “sandwiched” between an effective toothpaste (Crest cavity protection toothpaste) and followed by ACT dilute fluoride mouth rinse.

There is no coincidence that I recommends the use of Listerine in this sandwich stage between two very protective products.  The toothpaste I recommend releases fluoride quickly to the tooth surface and the ACT washes the Listerine immediately off your teeth.

I won’t expand here about the rest of my system just know that all the detrimental factors of Listerine have been assessed. My system takes all the negatives into account but suggests a method of using it that allows you the benefits of Listerine without the damage.

So your dentist was correct to say that Listerine contains alcohol, and is acidic. On the other hand you can rinse for 30 seconds vigorously swishing it between your teeth and get the benefits, providing you use a good toothpaste first and then rinse it off your teeth with ACT…..this way you get the full benefits without the problems. My book, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, explains all this in more detail if you’re interested!!! Here is a link to details about the system if you order our starter kit it comes with everything you need and the booklets to explain

Best wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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