Dental pain and your clean teeth system

Dear Dr Ellie,

Thank you for your response.  After reading your site and blog, I have
started on your system and my tooth/gum pain has now receded by about 90%.

I have found Retardex rinse (also available through Amazon) and they also do
a Retardex toothpaste as well, which I am going to try.  Not sure about
colgate I seem to remember it contains Triclosan but could be mistaken.

I am also using Fluorigard which is very good but I note that it does
contain alcohol.  Is this a problem?
Should this rinse be diluted or can it be used full strength (I have to
dilute the listerine).

I have also started using the system on my children, especially my 6 year
old son who is very prone to cavities.  We are using regular xylitol plus
brushing with fluorigard after his toothpaste.  Let’s see what happens.

Can this system also impact cavities that have developed beneath a metal

Many thanks to you.

With best wishes


Hi G,

I am not sure if the Closys toothpaste will work as well as Regular Colgate
( the very old formula no triclosan).

You will have to experiment with these products. Closys toothpaste maybe the
next choice.

I know the toothpaste in our “kit” works like a charm and allows
remineralization to proceed.

Some people worry about glycerine in toothpaste preventing

There are so many small interactions lots I understand but probably many
more I don’t!

This system is like a cake recipe and we all know that if you change
ingredients, you change the outcome.

This does not mean that you won’t have success with a slightly different
selection you may even develop a better process!

I know people who have done well with Regular Colgate but I have no
outcomes reported from people using Closys toothpaste.

You may not have a choice so don’t worry you already know this regimen
is helping you!

The system that I recommend uses rinses so that the beneficial
“ingredients” in them can percolate and travel everywhere even under
crowns etc.

This ability to circulate in and around the teeth is a main benefit of using
“liquids” for tooth healing as opposed to gels or pastes.

If saliva can get up and under your crown creating conditions for decay
then these liquids will have the same access.

As these liquids kill off cavity forming bacteria they will STOP decay.
As the xylitol ( dissolved in the saliva in your mouth) and the fluoride
reach the cavity it will promote repair.

I cannot tell you if the decay will reverse completely it depends on how
serious the problem is.

BUT…Regular use of xylitol and these rinses will STOP your problem getting

Decay under your crown will be “bathed in these rinses” twice a day and
also each time you eat xylitol ( the xylitol becomes a solution when it
dissolves in your saliva). Decay will ONLY happen in a place that has access
to mouth liquids so this lets us know that these healing liquids WILL
reach the spot!!

( Your saliva transports the carbohydrates and sugars that provide nutrients
for cavity forming bacteria. Bacteria NEED nutrients to multiply produce
acids soften and corrode your tooth a cavity/tooth decay).

If you have a cavity this tells us that place on your tooth MUST have
access to mouth liquids or it would not form a cavity.
Now you are transporting “mouth liquids” that clean / repair /
reverse…….do I explain this OK?

You will have to give this cavity time to heal.
If you stop PROGRESSION of a cavity what do you have to fear?
The longer you “work” on this the less cavity you will have.

If someone were unable to afford a new crown this could be a way to stop
the cavity from being a problem while they save up for a new crown.
At some time you would want to fix this issue but this excellent cleaning
system can give you time and potentially some healing.

Hope this helps explain!


Ellie Phillips DDS

Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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