Act total care anti cavity fluoride rinse —- Question

Hi Dr Ellie,

Thank you for your blog.  I had some minor sensitivity in one tooth, and did a Google search and came across your blog.  I really found it to be so informative!  Thank you!

Your blog made me a believer in ACT!  I had never even tried it before…

Anyway, on to my question….

I use the “Floss, Brush, Listerine, and ACT” method each morning and night. 

My question is this: 

Is the ACT “Total care” Anti Cavity Rinse (bigger bottle, meant for use morning and night) okay to use as well?  I noticed that on your blog you did not endorse ACT “Restore,” but I wondered what your opinion might be of the bigger bottle of ACT “Total Care” (NO Alcohol) Anti Cavity Rinse?

Thanks so much!

M 🙂

Hi M,

Thanks for your message glad to meet you!

I hope it’s a typo but you didn’t mention Closys in the system when you talked about it.  Closys is used as a “pre-rinse” something you use before you brush your teeth.The only stores that sell Closys are Walgreens but it is an integral part of the system. Well worth getting if you can!

The precision of the system and what it can do, will be affected by any changes in the products you use.
I often talk about my system being a “recipe”and just like a cake recipe changes with ingredients will affect the outcome.

Act restore is not recommended because it is not the same formula as the original anti-cavity rinse.
ACT Total care is a different formulation also. I would not recommend this either.

I recommend you find the anti-cavity rinse that you see on our website. (I’m not trying to sell you our rinse
just look at the bottle and match it!)

Zellies or 100% xylitol must be part of this system if you’re going to see the full effects.
People tell me that Zellies gum helps sensitivity more than mints but I think it’s really frequency that is key.

My last point is that I hope you have the correct toothpaste. Please don’t hang on to the idea that you need sensitive tooth paste!! If you read my blogs you will see that sensitive tooth paste usually behaves like spackle and simply “blocks up” holes. This temporary repair will inhibit any natural healing of your teeth what we are trying to achieve.

You have to trust me make this exact and you will be amazed!
Best wishes,


Ellie Phillips DDS

Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • Patsy says:

    Yes – get the Closys and drop the floss. I have been on the Dr Ellie Plan only since July 30, 2010, and I am amazed at the difference in my teeth and cleanliness of my mouth. And I DO NOT FLOSS. I do just what the Doc says – Closys, Crest Regular, Listerine, and Act Anti-Cavity. Then 2 Xylitol mints after eating/drink. Even at the end of the day, my mouth feels clean enough that I could probably skip brushing (but I wouldn't dare)!

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