Listerine – to dilute or not to dilute


I have been following your oral health routine for the last 4 months and have seen great results.  I use Listerine full strength, and end up rinsing a little bit with water before I rinse with ACT because my mouth is burning full strength Listerine is strong!

I’m wondering if it would be better if I diluted the Listerine a bit (to reduce the burning), and then rinse with ACT.

In other words, does rinsing with water AFTER rinsing with Listerine affect the way your oral health system is designed to work?


Hi R,

ACT works BEST in an acidic  mouth and Listerine is acidic so it creates the perfect environment for the ACT to repair and remineralize your teeth to make teeth stronger.

If you dilute Listerine it is still acidic and this will be beneficial and help ACT work more effectively.
BUT….If you wash the Listerine off with water you may no longer have an acidic environment for the ACT so you will reduce its efficiency.

The ACT will “cool” the Listerine burn! It sounds as if you just need to believe …… just try this!

If you are still not convinced , I recommend you dilute Listerine a little and then go directly to the ACT.
Rinsing with water between will inhibit some of the benefits from the ACT!

Hope this explains!

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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  • Maya says:

    This is so true – I have the same problem with Listerine and it burns my mouth so much that I don't want it in there – but as soon as I start rinsing with ACT, it just soothes it immediately. It's like an antidote :).

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