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Hello Dr. Ellie,

I am a 30yo woman and I got your email from someone that posted it on your website. I read some of your knowledgeable responses to peoples’ dental concerns and I’m hoping you can help me too have translucentincisal edges on my upper anterior teeth(mainly my two front teeth). I do not drink soda or suck lemons and I rarely eat candy. I did do zoom whitening 6 years ago.

I don’t think that has anything to do with the problem now, or does it? I‘m guessing I may not be getting enough calcium?

Mainly, I would like your helpful suggestions on how to cosmetically fix this whether by natural methods or not. I don’t like having “see through” edges on my teeth and other people notice too.

Please help, thank you for your time.


Hi J,

Thank you for your question it’s interesting how many people have a problem with tooth transparency.

I don’t have a lot of information but this problem is always from mouth acidity of some kind.

If I were looking at your teeth, I would want to know if the erosion (the missing material that is making your tooth thinner) is on the inside or on the outside of your tooth.

If the problem is on the inside it would indicate the acidity is from the inside of your mouth.
Perhaps acid reflux or GERD?

If the missing material is on the outside of your tooth, it could be from an abrasive toothpaste like whitening toothpastes, or from mouth dryness if you breathe through your mouth, for example. To figure out what’s happening, we would have to have a lot more discussion!

The fact is, whatever is causing your problem it will get better with
frequent small exposures to xylitol.

You have to strive for these five times a day at least a little bit. I usually suggest Zellies mints or gum after meals and snacks, and a little extra by dissolving granular xylitol in a bottle of water and
sipping it through the day.

This should give you lots of exposure to xylitol.

Morning and night I suggest the complete mouth care system but you have to make sure you use it exactly as recommended. There is no room for substitutions!

You need to make sure that the last thing on your teeth is the ACT mouth

Rinse with this for a few minutes at the end of the routine, spit it out but don’t eat or drink again before you go to bed.

The protection from ACT will continue to work through the night and help repair the damage that has been done.

I would be very interested in an update I hope you give my system a try because this damage could become a much bigger problem for you. You should see improvement quite quickly possibly within a month or two.

Best wishes,

Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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