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Hi again, Dr Ellie,

Another question has come to mind, which I hope you don’t mind answering. 

You have a lot of fluoride in your System, and my concern is with all the negative things which I’ve been reading about the damaging effects of fluoride on tooth enamel (I’ve been told that I have very thin enamel).  I don’t have the links to hand, but I’m sure that if you do a quick google you will see what I mean.  I know that fluoridation of water is a major concern, but some of the websites recommend not even using fluoride toothpaste.  Another concern is the abrasive ingredients in the toothpaste, which, according to some websites, is responsible for gradually wearing down the tooth enamel.  That seems to make sense.

For a mouthwash, I’ve used my home made concoction of a few drops of tea tree oil in a small bottle of boiled cooled water.  I brush and rinse two or three times day.

I want to follow your instructions to the letter, but I’m having difficulty getting over my concerns about fluoride.  I note you say that sodium fluoride is the safe one, but some websites say that even this is not good for the enamel.  I’ve used fluoride toothpaste since it first came onto the market years ago, and my teeth have become yellower and yellower, to the point where I am embarrassed to smile.  Some of my gums have also receded.  All this has happened while on a fluoride toothpaste regime. I would be very interested in your comments.

Thank you for taking the time.


Hi S,

I don’t know where to begin you have so many questions and you seem to be worrying about so many things!
Obviously what you have been doing did not hurt your mouth but you came to me for help to strengthen and improve the color of your teeth at least that’s what I understand.

Acidity hurts teeth, and so does dry mouth. Those are the only two problems to worry about.
As an adult, mouth conditions can change quickly and acidic diet plays a very important part.

I’ve always believed drinking through a straw is hysterical and doesn’t make any sense.
If you’re drinking cider vinegar I think that’s great but understand the acidity will take minerals out of your teeth very quickly straw or no straw!!

You can replace these minerals back by having a little xylitol or other “tooth protective food” immediately after the vinegar.

You could eat a small piece of cheese, a fresh strawberry, or some nuts…….
There are many tooth protective foods things that help your teeth.

Xylitol is one of the most tooth protective foods available!
I’m sitting here right now with a glass of wine (acidic) and little cubes of cheese to protect my teeth!

Xylitol in any form will protect your dry mouth the adhesive lozenge you mention will be fine, if you’re comfortable with it .
Sipping water with a little xylitol dissolved can also be helpful for dry mouth. Any form of xylitol is going to help you!

I suggest you try my mouth rinse system for a couple of weeks. I think you will notice an incredible improvement in the color of your teeth.

You don’t have to stay on my system for ever although you may want to!

I’m not here to persuade you to use the products I recommend but I can tell you they work for everyone who uses them.

Crest cavity protection paste is a perfect toothpaste and will not be too abrasive for your teeth.
On the other hand, many toothpastes found in health stores are too abrasive for teeth… Ironic isn’t it!

It’s kind of the same with fluoride there is a lot of misconception.
I only recommend what I recommend to my friends, my family, my employees, my patients, and I use myself twice a day. I have had one cleaning in 22 years and I have never flossed a day in my life! People usually ask me how my teeth stay so white and the answer for this 60 year old lady is simply this system of care I drink cider vinegar also and eat many fresh citrus fruits, blueberries and drink black coffee and red wine!

I wish you well I think you’re just going to have to trust me and give it a try! Perhaps you will have time to read a chapter on fluoride from my book to understand how drinking fluoride is very different from rinsing with fluoride. Also drinking fluoride and using fluoride toothpaste as a child can create problems, because children eat toothpaste!

You can use just a tiny amount of toothpaste you don’t need more than a rice grain on your toothbrush.
There is more fluoride in a sweet potato then you’ll get from that!

With very best wishes please let me know how things progress,


Ellie Phillips DDS
Dental Health for Everyone!
author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye

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