Xylitol and Essix retainers

Dr. Ellie,

As a recent braces wearing adult (55 yrs. old), I came across your site while researching the best way (no single answer to that question!) to take care of my new Essix retainer (upper only; Hawley lower).  I liked the sound of your system and decided to give it a try to protect my now straighter teeth and perhaps keep the tea stains at bay.  When the braces and glue were removed two weeks ago, my teeth were polished with a pumice paste (that got very hot, by the way) to remove residual tea stains and glue residue.

My main question is how to incorporate the xylitol, since I am wearing the retainers all the time, except for eating, tea drinking and brushing. Simply put: I do not put my retainers back in unless I brush my teeth. Would I use the xylitol right after eating and then wait a short time before brushing and replacing the retainers; or use the xylitol after brushing?

Thanks for your time,

Hi C,

Good question maybe other people need this advice too!

I think it would be wonderful if you use my complete mouth care system morning and night.
It sounds as if your teeth are already “squeaky” clean which is a great time to start!!

Make sure you have exactly the correct ingredients buy the kit on line if possible just to ensure you begin with everything correct.
If you mess up one item get an incorrect toothpaste etc it will not work.

Once you have the rinses and paste, you can take the empties to the store to
match them against your new products.

Walgreens is good for Closys, and most everywhere sells the other items.
You may want to talk with you drug store manager and tell them to keep Crest

Regular paste in stock for you and the others you will be telling about the system!

This system will make your teeth feeling wonderful in the morning and at night before bed so you will feel very comfortable about putting in your retainers.

To clean the retainers I usually suggest brushing them with Crest toothpaste, then wash quickly in some diluted Listerine and rinse with running water.

During the day you will like Zellies mints they come fruit and mint, are quick dissolving and will refresh your mouth.
Also you may want to put a teaspoon of xylitol in some water and sip this during the day (and night if needed).

Xylitol not only cleans your teeth but will stop your teeth staining, by building a smooth strong enamel surface on your teeth.

I suggest you are careful about brushing too often. Twice a day is really enough maybe try rinsing with water and eating Zellies gum or mints after lunch.

I am so glad you found my blog and site if you have more questions just send a message!
Good luck and I think you are going to love your new teeth!!!

Best Wishes,
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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