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Thanks for your advice again!  A tooth that has a small cavity and heals by following your oral routine will be stronger than a tooth that is filled, correct?  I’m guessing that drilling and repairing a tooth makes it weaker and more fragile than healing it???  Am I correct??

I simply want to do what is best for my teeth.


Hi R,

A tooth that is whole ( not filled) has many advantages and yes, any drilling or cutting away will weaken a tooth and diminish its strength.Besides this:

A filling can fail and need ongoing care and repair. A filling will either be white ( plastic) or metal. 

Concerns about silver fillings are well documented because of their mercury content. White fillings usually contain a plastic component called BisPhemolA and this can leach out into saliva at body temperature. 

White fillings attract plaque to their surface.

There is no contest between keeping a perfect tooth and having a filling! I was horrified once to hear a dentist say “What is so bad about a filling anyway?”

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