Dear Dr. Phillips:

It was such a pleasure talking to you today and thank you for taking the time to explain this incredibly simple
combination of using readily available mouth rinses in a way that most people do not know about
(and consequently do not get the results they are looking for either).  Based on the comments on your blog and
testimonials from your website I can’t wait to experience the great results as well.

I have enclosed my mailing address below and I so look forward to receiving and reading the book to learn more
about this way of caring for my “poor” teeth.  

Many thanks and best regards,

Hi K, 
Great talking with you let me know how things progress! 
I always suggest marking dates on your calendar 5 weeks from the time you start with xylitol, 
you will have eradicated plaque from your teeth. (Now flossing will seem less important!)
6 months from now, your saliva will be disease free and so your teeth will begin
to revert to their younger self feel and color. 
2 years from now everyone will want to know what you are doing!!! 
Best Wishes,

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

I’m sorry to bother you again with another question, but I forgot to ask if fluoride and/or chlorine dioxide have been known to stain white fillings and bondings I have one filling on a front tooth and a bonding on a lower bicuspid.



Hi K,
No one of the top Cosmetic dentists in the US is a huge proponent of my system for his patients.
He does beautiful bonding and is “the” expert for cosmetic smile design….other cosmetic guys agree too.
Your natural teeth will whiten slowly over the years.
An 85 year old friend of my Moms has a crown on a back tooth that now looks yellow next to his great young looking natural teeth!

26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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