Update of my teeth

Dear Dr. Phillips:

I have been on the system and the Zellies now for a couple of months and am loving it!

My teeth have never felt so clean and I don’t have any plaque build up in the usual places no need  to scrub away with the toothbrush anymore (bought the Zellies brushes and they are great) just an easy brushing right after Closys and before the Listerine/Act combo. 

The Zellies gum, mints and the handy individual packets for water are so tasty and convenient.

So happy to have found the system and only wish I would have known about it much earlier could
have saved myself some dental work I’m sure….

Thank you for giving us all hope to “kiss our dentists good bye”!



Hi K,

Thank you so much for your update how kind of you!

I am often told to stop what I am doing; that it is impossible to change the world by talking to one person at a time.

I need to print out your letter and hang it by my desk for reinforcement that it is well worth my effort and time!

I really appreciate your message.I am sure we will find a way to spread the word to more people we just
have to reach that “tipping point” !

I am happy you have noticed improvements so soon within 12 months I believe you will notice more. 

Please keep in touch!

Best Wishes
26 Corporate Woods
Rochester, NY 14623

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