Hello Dr. Phillips,

I am a newcomer to your blog. I bought quite a bit of your gum/mints today, and I already had the rest of your supplies, so I should be running at full speed in a matter of days. I am a medical
student and find your EBM approach to dentistry very satisfying and orderly on a biochemical and microbiological level.

I had 2 questions for you, and one opinion I hoped to elicit.

First, I understand that you recommend that we gargle ACT for 2-5 minutes, Listerine for 30 seconds, but how long do you suggest gargling the Closys?

Second, is triclosan the only reason you do not recommend Colgate Products? I was just curious, as some of us pure water drinkers will not be using hard water to brush our teeth with, so chloroform would not be a problem.

Third was more of an opinion question, but a DMD suggested that brushing my teeth slightly WHILE I was gargling Listerine would it work its way into nooks and crannies and clean the mouth even better. Do you think there is any truth to that, or should I not bother and just gargle?

Thank you,

Hi D,

Thanks for your message and I am glad you came across the blog and have started on the program.Results are usually felt, then noticed and finally they make you so happy, you become an advocate to others!

Question 1:
The rinse time is based on what they DO….for example; Closys is “deep cleaning” your gums so let it bathe teeth at the back of your mouth or ones you know are prone to bleed or have inflammation,
calculus or pocketing.

A one minute “washing machine type” swish (gentle with a little motion) for about 60 seconds will work great!

Listerine is your ‘liquid floss”. Vigorous swishing in and out push and pull with your cheeks squish the liquid between your teeth in and out for a short time.

Listerine is acidic/corrosive if you use it too long so quick and vigorous to remove plaque and clean between teeth. 30 seconds works fine!

ACT this is your “moisturizing mouth bath” Let ACT “soak” into the outside of your teeth quenching dry enamel….moisturizing the surface…..

Give ACT some time, since the longer ACT is in contact with the teeth the more strength and beauty they will have!

No need for vigorous swishing or gargling keep this in your mouth with a gentle swish….2-3 minutes will be great! Spit out and then don’t eat or drink for half an hour.

Question 2.
I am not a fan of triclosan not a fan of toothpaste made with chalk not a fan of stannous fluoride in toothpaste.
No other strong feelings except be careful of the abrasion factor.

Question 3.
You should read my book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye I think you would enjoy it!

Acidity in the mouth is always a problem. Acidity softens enamel and makes it easy to brush away ( erode away). Since tooth enamel dissolves at pH lower than pH 5.5 and root surfaces at a pH of 6.5. I would not suggest you brush your teeth with any liquid that has a pH lower than pH 7.00.

Listerine has a pH of 4.2 (very acidic) so brushing with Listerine could erode both enamel and root surfaces very easily.

Plaque is a bacterial build up regular amounts of xylitol will eradicate plaque and make it less adhesive so your rinses will wash it away.

Hope this helps thanks so much for your message.

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