Dear Dr. Ellie,

If I put one to one and a half teaspoons in a mug of hot tea in the morning and sip it all day, does that qualify as my daily quota of xylitol or does the acidity of the tea counteract the value of the xylitol?  I drink all sorts of teas from green teas, white tea, black tea, rioboos tea, Indian teas, matte tea, you get the picture.  Are there good teas and bad teas? I really enjoy my daily mug of tea and would hate to give it up.  Thanks for you terrific advice.  

P.S. Is this the correct way to ask a question?  I can’t figure out how to get a question to you through the blog thing.

Dear A

Xylitol in ANYTHING will help to wipe out the harmful bacteria of plaque in your mouth….but…. The problem is anything acidic grows plaque!

So the acidity in your drinks may counteract the benefits of xylitol ( if you put xylitol into acidic beverages).
I am not sure which teas are acidic and which are not mostly I think tea is generally acidic like coffee.
So…….best to enjoy your beverage of choice and then have some xylitol after the drink.

I helped a young lady who loved to eat lemons. The acidity of the lemons had destroyed her teeth she had suffered four root canals and crowns in one year and teeth so sensitive she could not drink hot or cold drinks. Within six months ( using xylitol after each lemon exposure) and my suggested rinses morning and night this lady was cured of her dental sensitivity and has never needed any more dental treatments!

Xylitol takes away mouth acidity after coffee, lemons or tea! Find a flavor of gum or mint that works for you find a way to enjoy just a gram or two after tea maybe Zellies fruit mints??

Zellies hopes to add new flavors in the near future maybe ones to complement your teas! Thanks for your question.

– Ellie

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