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Thanks for your advice again!  A tooth that has a small cavity and heals by following your oral routine will be stronger than a tooth that is filled, correct?  I’m guessing that drilling and repairing a tooth makes it weaker and more fragile than healing it???  Am I correct??

I simply want to do what is best for my teeth.


Hi R,

A tooth that is whole ( not filled) has many advantages and yes, any drilling or cutting away will weaken a tooth and diminish its strength.

Besides this:

A filling can fail and need ongoing care and repair. A filling will either be white ( plastic) or metal. Concerns about silver fillings are well documented because of their mercury content. White fillings usually contain a plastic component called BisPhemolA and this can leach out into saliva at body temperature. White fillings attract plaque to their surface.

There is no contest between keeping a perfect tooth and having a filling! I was horrified once to hear a dentist say “What is so bad about a filling anyway?”

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  • Muscle_Burst says:

    "There is no contest between keeping a perfect tooth and having a filling!"Wow, so all these years when I got 10+ cavities filled wasn't too good for me. I always thought a filling was good compared to an extraction. Some people I know that are older than me get any tooth that has a cavity extracted. A whole tooth sure sounds better than an extraction, and on the zellies system cheaper and less painful.

  • Dr. Ellie says:

    You may not want to tell the people who have decided to have extractions this bit of inforamtion!But, there are studies that show a connection between mental health and the number of teeth in your mouth. There is one large study with thousands of people – that indicated the important number was saving nine teeth.In other words, less than nine teeth was linked (in this study) to less cognitive ability, risk of dementia and other mental issues. A healthy mouth has been shown in many studies to other medical conditions – "healthy" means NO gum disease and NO cavity bacteria in your saliva.Xylitol is useful for both these dental disease problems – which is why I am such an advocate! Thanks for your comment! Remember Oral Health = Body Health and "oral health" means healthy mouth and saliva!! Ellie Ellie Phillips DDSwww.CleanWhiteTeeth.comwww.Zellies.comDental Health for Everyone!author, Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye26, Corporate Woods, Rochester NY 14623585-272-1270585-272-9910585-272-0705 (Fax)

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